Sex Hormones Awareness Week

All that sounds stigmatizing. But science tells us that hormones do affect us — and that’s not a bad thing. Stigma, though?

Yeah, we want to change that!

So we decided to make February 18th-24th the “Sex Hormones Awareness Week.” because hormones aren’t the problem —it’s the blame put on them by decades of societal inequality .

Did you know?

  • 46%

    of American women attribute mood and physical changes to hormones

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  • 59%

    hear others saying, "It’s all because of your hormones."

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  • 1 in 3

    Americans know nothing about hormones

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Here's why sex hormones matter
in sex education.

90% of Americans reported that sex education failed to teach them about hormone-related health issues.

This knowledge gap affects millions of women and people with ovaries and raises issues during crucial life stages, as well as the healthcare quality they receive.

Our mission is to educate people about their hormones so they can make informed decisions about their bodies.

We partnered with The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR), a non-profit organization that shares our mission to improve women’s health through science and education. When you buy Mira merch, 30% of the proceeds go to supporting SWHR.

What drove us toward
this movement?

It is our responsibility as a hormonal health company to use our reach and solutions to:


Give people the tools they need to explore their personal sex hormone health patterns.


Explore how sex education gaps affect hormone health and impact women's well-being.


Leverage 12 million hormonal data points to fill gaps in women’s health research.

Here’s what you can do to get to know your hormones better

As a major part of our health, here’s what you can start doing to give your hormones the attention they deserve.

Get Educated on the Topic

Take charge of your hormonal health today with our comprehensive, easy-to-understand resources designed for every woman



When you buy Mira merch, a portion of the proceeds go to supporting social organization that shares Mira’s mission. Knowledge empowers and helps people advocate for themselves!

Get To Know Your Hormones


Monitor your hormones daily from the comfort of your home, and book your annual checkups!


For more support, virtually chat with one of Mira’s fertility coaches.


Start by going to the lab—without actually going. Check your 5 most important biomarkers from home

Find out what women around the world think about their hormones

These videos were recorded by real women who applied to become Mira’s Sex Hormones Testers. Hear what they say about the educational gaps in their sex and reproductive health education.

So what if your hormones make you feel tons of ways?

The truth is, sex hormones have a huge influence on our health and well-being. For women and people assigned female at birth, they impact:

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We’ve got the good stuff on hormones

In 2023, Mira conducted a study evaluating how sex hormones impact well-being during different menstrual phases. Over 150 women aged 18-45 tested their LH, E3G, and PdG levels with the Mira Hormone Monitor for 3 cycles, logging daily experiences on the Mira app

How do Sex Hormones Affect Your Mood?

  • Mood
  • Happy & Excited
  • Tired, Irritable, Sad

We tested over 150 women aged 18-45

With Mira Hormone Monitor

What doctors have to say

Real stories

Meet Vinisha, Our Sex Hormones Tester

Vinisha Rumph, our glowing sex hormones tester, embarked on the mission to show us what a cycle testing with Mira was like—and how her hormones affected her everyday life. Needless to say, it was a wild ride.

Watch her journey now and see the invaluable data Vinisha shared with the audience

Generate Awareness

Share what you’ve learned! Start spreading the word and educate others.


Awareness week made possible by our partners