Cervical Mucus Changes During Ovulation

by Jul 30, 2019

Your cervical mucus changes throughout each stage of your menstrual cycle. Mucus changes in consistency, amount, and thickness due to changes in your hormone levels.

Cervical Mucus Changes During Ovulation

Many women use changes in cervical mucus to track ovulation. Monitoring these changes is often referred to as the cervical mucus method.

If you want to try this method, you’ll need to learn about cervical mucus changes during ovulation. Spotting these changes can help you detect patterns in your cycle. Read on to find essential information about ovulation tracking through cervical mucus changes.

What Cervical Mucus Looks Like During Ovulation

When you’re ovulating, you experience luteinizing hormone (LH) surges. This changes the way cervical mucus looks and feels. You may notice:

  • increased discharge
  • transparent mucus
  • mucus with a consistency similar to egg whites

Cervical mucus often has these traits immediately before ovulation, but the consistency is more watery. The unique texture of mucus during ovulation protects sperm for conception.

Immediately after ovulation, you may notice a decrease in discharge. Your cervical mucus typically comes less transparent and is more cloudy in appearance.

How To Check For Changes In Your Cervical Mucus

There are a few methods you can use to check for cervical mucus changes. The three strategies below are common and straightforward. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before using any of these methods.

Checking Manually

Insert a finger into your vagina near your cervix (read about how to check your cervix for ovulation). When you remove your finger, note the texture and color of the mucus. Do this throughout your cycle and note patterns in changes.

Checking With A Panty Liner

Wear a thin panty liner throughout your cycle post-menstruation. This method makes it fairly easy to note the color of mucus and increased discharge. It may be somewhat difficult to check consistency if the mucus is absorbed into the panty liner.

Checking With Toilet Paper

Fold a small amount of toilet paper and wipe your vaginal opening. Note the texture and color of the mucus. Check daily or consistently throughout your cycle.

When using toilet paper, make sure to check before you urinate. Wiping immediately after urination can make it harder to inspect cervical mucus.

Cervical Mucus Method For Ovulation Tracking

If you want to track ovulation using the cervical mucus method, be aware that it takes time. You will need to establish a pattern in mucus changes. For the highest chance of accuracy, check your cervical mucus for several cycles.

The Mayo Clinic estimates that 23 out of 100 women become pregnant during the first year of using the cervical mucus method. They also note that formal training is required to master this method of ovulation tracking.

Lastly, it’s important to note that different factors can affect your cervical mucus. For example, some women experience discharge after sexual intercourse. Bacterial vaginosis and other vaginal infections also affect cervical mucus.

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Alternatives To The Cervical Mucus Method

Checking cervical mucus can help you track your ovulation, but it isn’t the only option you have. If you want to use a highly accurate method, then tracking fertility hormones using Mira is a great alternative.

Tracking your hormones allows you to detect luteinizing hormone surges. This enables you to monitor your fertile window and peak fertile window. Your peak fertile window lasts approximately two days within your five to six-day fertile window.

The two peak days are when you’re most likely to become pregnant. Monitoring surges in fertility hormones ensure you know precisely when these two days occur.

The hormone tracking method using Mira is 99 percent accurate and doesn’t require guesswork. If you’re trying to conceive, consider using this reliable method instead of monitoring cervical mucus.

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