Daysy Fertility Tracker Review: Easy to Use with Great Support

by Mar 15, 2021

Now more than ever, there’s a renewed vigor for taking control of your health and the data that goes along with it. When it comes to your reproductive health, that can mean anything from charting your temperature to using an app to track your cycle and there are a variety of options on the market to help you understand what your body is telling you.


One such option, the Daysy fertility tracker, is billed as a hormone-free solution to managing your cycle and reproductive health. Based on the basal body temperature method of fertility tracking, this sleek device helps streamlines an otherwise cumbersome method and this Daysy review will show you the pros, cons, and standout features.

Daysy works by analyzing temperature data to calculate your fertile window and utilizes a simple display to let you know your fertility status.  With no charts or graphs to interpret and no special thermometers to buy, the Daysy records everything and indicates your status immediately. Coupled with a companion app to give you further insights and cycle statistics, the Daysy claims to take the guesswork out of natural fertility planning.

Designed, developed, and manufactured by industry veterans Valley Electronics AG, the Daysy is backed by over 30 years of  experience and research in medical technology. Long-term experience in developing and distributing fertility trackers, Valley Electronics AG is a family-owned company with a mission to empower women through fertility technology. And with an accuracy exceeding 99% backed by over 500,000 users, it’s easy to see why the company stands behind their products.

With digital fertility trackers on the rise, Daysy combines a powerful blend of intelligent algorithms with real world data to give you not just fertility information, but insights about your health and body. While other devices may rely on old school temperature readings, urine or saliva testing to give you insights about your fertility, the Daysy combines technology with your personal insights to give you the most up to date fertility prognosis.

Read on as we break down this fertility tracker and dive into our in-depth Daysy review!

Advantages to Using Daysy:

  • Easy to use with no side effects
  • Menstrual cycle insights and fertility data
  • Small, sleek design
  • Can be used as non-hormonal birth control
  • Precise and sensitive sensor with over 99% accuracy

Disadvantages to Using Daysy:

  • May not work as well for irregular cycles or longer cycle lengths
  • Doesn’t measure hormone levels
  • Must remember to use every day for most accurate readings
  • Expensive
  • Only uses BBT method for fertility data

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fertility Monitor

Fertility monitors and tracking devices are perfect for women seeking to better understand their fertility cycle, interested in a non-hormonal method of birth control, or are planning for pregnancy. They allow you to take the speculation out of ovulation tracking, and give you data that can be used to either plan or avoid unprotected intercourse, depending on your goals.

Regardless of why you’re using a fertility monitor, not all devices are created equally, and there are some things to consider before purchase:

  • Your willingness to take fertility medications
  • Accuracy of the device, time or use requirements
  • Whether the device predicts ovulation.

Start by deciding which features are the most important (or useful) to you and look for a monitor that reliably meets your needs.

If you are unable to take medication, or want to avoid it all together, a fertility tracking device can be a great alternative. Accuracy can also be a main concern, especially if you are using the device as a mean of contraception. And while every device will take some time to use and get to know, consider how closely you can stick to the schedule or how easy the device is to use before committing to this way of fertility monitoring.

Every device is only as good as the person using it, so if you can’t reliably commit to taking your temperature every day, you simply won’t realize the benefits of this method. Another key factor to consider is whether the device predicts or confirms ovulation. The Daysy doesn’t explicitly confirm ovulation, only predicts it. To confirm ovulation you need a more advanced device that tracks hormone levels.

Ideal candidates for a straightforward monitoring device like the Daysy are women with:

  • Regular cycle lengths
  • Regular schedules
  • Aren’t taking any medications that could affect results

A device like this, or any device that relies on BBT, requires consistency both in time and effort and may not work for you if you are a shift worker or travel frequently, as both scenarios influence the results you see.

If you are looking for a more in depth analysis of your cycle and hormones, or you can’t use the Daysy for other reasons like your schedule, you’ll want to consider fertility tracking devices that are more advanced.

A device like the Mira Fertility tracker not only tracks and predicts your fertile window, it does so through detailed hormone analysis, unlike the Daysy. Mira offers lab-grade accuracy for in-home hormone tracking as well as all the other insights into your cycle and health that simply can’t be gleaned from temperature alone.

Daysy Features & Benefits

Reliable & Precise

With its intelligent algorithm based on scientific data, the Daysy offers reliability and precision in menstrual cycle tracking. Developed as a medical device, it is continuously monitored by a team of medical and health professionals, as well as design and software engineers to allow for constant improvement. Touting an accuracy of more than 99% when used correctly, the precise sensors provide highly accurate calculations of your fertility status each day.

Research & Data

Backed by over 30 years of experience in fertility technology, the Daysy relies on this accumulated knowledge to provide a reliable but user-friendly device.  Thanks to being produced by an experiences and research-based medical technology company, more than 500,000 users have contributed data. With the help of an extensive database coupled with a proprietary algorithm, the Daysy uses this information to provide you with reliable information about your menstrual cycle.

Natural & Hormone Free

Since the Daysy can accurately predict your fertile window, there’s no need to rely on hormonal birth control, IUD devices, or barrier methods of contraception. Chemical hormones like those found in certain medications or oral contraceptives can come with a host of side effects that vary from person to person.

Using a device like the Daysy allows you to ditch the hormones and still have control of your fertility, allowing you to monitor your cycle and determine fertility in natural harmony with your body.

Easy to use

It may take some time to get used to the routine of waking up and taking your temperature, but once you’ve got that down the device itself is sleek and easy to use. You simply turn it on, push start, place it under your tongue, and within a minute you will have your result. You immediately know your fertility status by the color-coded display light.

Using a three light system to indicate whether you are fertile or not, this device takes the guesswork out of fertility. Seeing a red light means you are fertile, while a green light shows on infertile days. The third light, yellow, means the device is learning your cycle and you should consider yourself fertile that day.

There’s no thinking or analyzing on your part, you simply take your temperature and wait for the light to know your results. The Daysy companion app allows you to easily see additional cycle statistics and insights, as well as offering capabilities to share that information with a partner or healthcare professional.

Social Proof

More and more women around the world are looking to take control of their fertility and a fertility monitor like the Daysy allows them to do just that.  Although their reasons for using it may differ, many Daysy reviews offer a positive outlook on an area naturally fraught with concern.

After all, unexpected pregnancies are just that, especially if you thought you had taken the necessary precautions.

Managing your fertility is intensely personal, but many users report that the device is easy to use and more importantly, they are happy with the results. In fact, many of the Daysy fertility monitor reviews we found were pleasantly surprised with the device and had been using it for years.

Additionally, many reviews mentioned the excellent customer service that comes along with the device. Customer support is extensive and the company offers many channels to support women with their choice. From tutorials and downloads to education and expertise, the Daysy is well supported from a product standpoint.

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