Lady-Comp Review: Our Take on the Fertility Tracker

by Mar 8, 2021

When it comes to fertility, knowledge is power, even if you’re not actively trying to get pregnant. Whether you’re family planning, trying to conceive, or want an alternative to hormonal birth control there are a lot of options out there.

Lady comp

Lady-Comp Overview

Traditional analog methods can be cumbersome and inaccurate, so naturally women have turned to digital solutions for tracking and analyzing their menstrual data. Lady-Comp is a handheld fertility computer that makes tracking your cycle easy and reliable.

It promises to intelligently analyze your menstrual cycle data and learn to adjust to your individual rhythm and give you the most accurate fertility forecast. Now streamlined by combining all the functions of its predecessors in one device, the Lady-Comp gives you a wide range of information about your cycle at the push of a button.

Lady-Comp is the result of efforts by leading fertility tracker manufacturer Valley Electronics AG. Founded in 1986 and based in Europe, they make research-based medical technology and have been developing and distributing fertility trackers for more than 30 years.

A family-owned company, Valley Electronics primary goal is to empower women through fertility technology. They’ve developed five fertility trackers in over 30 years, evolving from the Baby-Comp monitor in 1986 to the Lady-Comp we see today. Touting an accuracy of over 99%, and a well designed user experience, it’s easy to see why the Lady-Comp is at the forefront of cycle tracking.

Digital fertility trackers have been on the rise but they do not necessarily represent new science. Through the use of basal body temperature (BBT) readings, the Lady-Comp fertility monitor determines which phase of your cycle you are in, and whether you are fertile or not.  Calculating and confirming ovulation, this device also claims to give valuable insights and a menstruation forecast for the next 6 months.

While other devices may rely on measurements such as urine or saliva testing, the Lady-Comp takes BBT reading up a notch by marrying your personal inputs with comprehensive insight into your cycle.

Enjoy this Lady-Comp review to determine whether a digital tracking device like this would work for you and what you need to consider before investing in one!


  • Easy to use with no side effects
  • Powerful menstrual cycle insights
  • Small, sleek  design
  • All-in-one solution for fertility tracking
  • Quick start guide for immediate use


  • Only uses BBT method for fertility data
  • May not work as well for irregular cycles or take longer to learn fluctuations
  • Frequent travel and time zone changes may affect readings
  • Must remember to use every day for most accurate readings
  • Expensive

What to Consider Before Buying the Lady-Comp

From apps to AI, the digital age has ushered in some incredible new ways for us to understand our fertility. Lady-Comp offers easy and reliable cycle tracking that helps you predict your fertile and infertile days. Whether you are TTC or actively avoiding conception, the Lady-Comp offers an easy to use system with proven accuracy to assist you in tracking your cycle.

Smart fertility trackers aren’t for everyone and it’s important to look at your personal goals and requirements before choosing one. This device is for women looking to use a natural family planning method, or those looking for more insight into their fertile window. Women who wish to get pregnant and those who wish to avoid it can use the Lady-Comp to give them the right information.

It is ideal for women looking to accurately predict their fertile window, but may require a little more guesswork if you are using it as a contraception method. Rather than only indicating your fertile days, you must also remember to take into account the 5 days before your fertile window too, as sperm can survive in the uterus for up to 5 days.

Fertility monitors use detailed inputs to measure your fertility status, but if you are on any medication that can influence your temperature, your results won’t be accurate. If you are taking hormonal medication in any form, you are not a good candidate to use the Lady-Comp fertility monitor.

Alternatives that use urine measurements to analyze cycle information would be a more reliable fertility tracker in this case, rather than one that relies on temperature readings.

Before joining the digital fertility tracker movement, consider whether a device like this will meet your specific needs. Educating yourself in any method of fertility awareness is essential to getting started so you know what you are tracking and how the tracking works. Before buying any tracking device it’s beneficial to consider how you will use the device, if it fits into your lifestyle, and what you will do with the information.

Lady-Comp Features & Benefits

Safe & Effective

Based on over 35 years of research and millions of evaluated cycles, the Lady-Comp touts an accuracy of nearly 99% to track your cycle and predict fertility. Used properly, it provides women with a safe and non-invasive way to monitor their monthly cycle and then use that data to get pregnant (or avoid it).


It’s hard to argue with that kind of reliability but it depends on the user to input that data through daily measurements. If you aren’t the type of person to stick to the routine of using the device regularly and as-intended, your results will show it.

Natural & Hormone Free

Since Lady-Comp can accurately predict your fertile window, there’s no need to rely on hormonal birth control or invasive coil devices.  If you’ve used chemical hormones in the past, you know they can have a host of side effects that vary from person to person.  Using the Lady-Comp device to manage your fertility means you can ditch the hormones and still know whether it’s safe to have intercourse.  You also get the added benefit of being informed without any of the previous nastiness you may have endured like weight gain or skin issues, both common with hormonal birth control.

Easy to Use

While the routine may take some getting used to, the device itself is sleek and easy to use. With the press of a button, and in less than 30 seconds, you know your fertility outlook for the next 24 hours. Because it monitors your daily status, you immediately know the best days to get pregnant, ovulate, and start your fertile window.

Using a three light system to indicate whether you are fertile or not, this device removes the guesswork. Seeing a red light means you are fertile, while a green light shows on infertile days. The third light, yellow, means the device is learning your cycle and you should consider yourself fertile that day. There’s no thinking or analyzing on your part, you simply take your temperature and wait for the light to know your results.

Body Awareness

Whether you are trying to conceive or using a fertility tracker for birth control, you can learn valuable knowledge about your own body by using the Lady-Comp. At your fingertips you have a wide range of information about your cycle including fertility history, menstruation forecasts, and cycle statistics.

Understanding and tracking your cycle for fertility concerns or as a natural method for avoiding contraceptives helps you pay attention to clues you might otherwise overlook or be unaware of.

While the Lady-Comp is learning your individual cycle through its algorithm, you are able to gain a greater understanding of your own body and its cycles. Knowing when you are ovulating and when to expect your period, along with the other data points the Lady-Comp provides, can help you reconnect to your body and learn your natural rhythms.

What Users Are Saying

More and more women are using fertility monitors due to their many advantages. Of the user reviews found for Lady-Comp, most seemed positive, even if the device wasn’t right for them.

Women are reporting favourable experiences using this device for both contraception and as a fertility tool to help get pregnant. Users report that the device is easy to use and are happy with its accuracy. Additionally, users often commented on the maker’s exceptional customer service, an important factor when making an investment like this.

Lady-Comp Alternatives

As mentioned above, Lady Comp offers a lot of great features but might not be the right choice for every woman. For those looking for a bit more precision when it comes to fertility tracking, as well as more insight via an app, the Mira Fertility Plus is the perfect alternative.

The Mira Analyzer measures both estrogen as well as LH to users identify hormone patterns, predict ovulation, and get the full picture of your fertile window.

To top if off, the Analyzer syncs with the Mira App to help you track hormone curves, monitor cycle phases, and send you alerts on when you’re most fertile.

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