Check out this free webinar “How to Love Your Hormones with PCOS” and learn some exciting insights from our fertility coaches: Robyn, The Hormone Diva & Despina Pavlou, The PCOS Oracle.

Throughout our talk, we have discussed fertility nourishment — foods, supplements & self-care practices that actually support egg health and your chances of conceiving… without the strain.

– Healthy lifestyle habits that support hormone health
– The best exercises for PCOS
– The safest supplements to take throughout your fertility journey.
How Mira can help you through PCOS

As women, we’re even expected to have a regular, 28-day period — which by the way, is a total myth. So it’s easy to feel frustrated. But the truth is — we’re all human, we all struggle, and we can give ourselves a break.

So next time you’re feeling the burnout coming through, whether due to fertility frustrations like PCOS, or you’re working yourself to the very core (in any way)… breathe. There are truly healthy ways you can treat yourself and habits you can replace in your routine to feel at your very best — and boost your fertility journey.