“Mira Is the New Normal When It Comes to Fertility”

by Mar 24, 2021

Courtney is a 29-year-old woman with a 5-year-old daughter. She and her husband had just gotten married and they planned to have their wedding ceremony in 2022. The couple thus wanted to get pregnant quickly so that Courtney could have the time to recover before the wedding ceremony. It was also ideal for Courtney’s daughter to have a sibling who was similar in age so that she could have a best friend.

Success Story Courtney

However, the couple’s dream and Courtney’s journey to trying to get pregnant were made more challenging with several health complications. Read on to find out more about Courtney’s trying to conceive journey and how Mira’s unique features helped her  get pregnant in just one cycle!

Life before Mira

Courtney was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 2011. This hormone imbalance causes women to ovulate infrequently—sometimes not at all—and have irregular menstrual periods. The condition also makes it harder for women with PCOS to get pregnant.

Courtney realised that her menstrual periods were irregular every time she was off birth control. She knew then that her journey to get pregnant would be fraught with challenges.

In hopes that she could learn of a product that could help, she sought support from her friends who were also trying to get pregnant. However, her friends would often lament at the available fertility kits on the market. They had gone through most of the kits and all of them had failed on them. To avoid disappointment, Courtney did not bother giving those kits a try.

How Mira Helped Courtney to Conceive in One Cycle

A chance encounter with Mira on a Facebook post was what turned everything around. Intrigued by the write-up about Mira, Courtney asked around only to realise that none of her friends had tried Mira before.

As this was the first time that nobody had anything bad to say about a fertility product, Courtney decided to give it a shot. To her surprise, with Mira’s help, she was able to get pregnant in just one cycle.

Mira chart

Courtney particularly loved that Mira provided clear information about her LH surge and concise details about her ovulation cycle. Courtney was also able to check her unique hormone curves and get individualized, real-time data of her cycle’s progression.

Most importantly, Mira was able to offer clear, concise and actual results, instead of just a smiley face or a sad face that is frustratingly common with other fertility kits. Mira’s efficient tracking helped the couple get pregnant so quickly that they did not even have the time to seek help and assistance from other fertility doctors or health professionals!


Life after Mira

Talk to Courtney today and you would find that she could very much be the biggest advocate for Mira. Ever since she had found success with Mira, Courtney had gone on to introduce Mira Analyzer to her sister and friends who are trying to conceive. She urges women who are trying to get pregnant to give Mira a try as she believes that Mira is the future—or as she called it the new normal—for making it easier for women to conceive.

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