“Mira Gave Me Hope When No One and Nothing Else Did”

by May 11, 2021

Amber was still breastfeeding her 15-month-old son when her partner and she had decided to start trying for a second child. As many of us would know, prolactin (a hormone for breast-milk production) wards off ovulation. In other words, breastfeeding and irregular periods come hand in hand. Read on to learn more about how Amber’s determination, along with Mira, helped her on her trying to conceive journey. Success story Amber

Negative experience with other fertility products

With the recommendations from friends and family, Amber turned to ovulation test strips to help her track and detect when she was ovulating. She had expected that the test strips would tell her when she would most likely conceive so that she and her partner could try for a baby. Unfortunately, the traditional test kits provided inaccurate information that left her discouraged.

Discouraged by her OB-GYN

Desperate and after being left disappointed by multiple test kits and ovulation strips, the couple sought professional help from their OB-GYN. The couple, however, were once again faced with bad news. The fertility specialist told them that because Amber was breastfeeding, her cycles were extremely irregular. Amber was told that she would either have to give up breastfeeding or postpone her plans of trying to get pregnant. Not ready to give up breastfeeding (or trying to conceive), Amber was determined to find a product that would genuinely help her on her journey.

Discovering Mira

Amber took matters into her own hands when fertility products and fertility doctors were unable to help her achieve her pregnancy goals. She combed through page after page of search results on Google but was left unconvinced by the products that she found—most of them had mixed reviews from their users.



Amber turned to Facebook for a short respite from searching for fertility products. Ironically, it was during her break from looking at fertility products that she chanced upon Mira. At the beginning, Amber was hesitant to give Mira a try because it was priced slightly higher than typical fertility products. However, after seeing the sheer number of positive reviews left on Mira’s page, she decided to give Mira a shot. One particular review that stood out to Amber was that unlike other fertility products, Mira would be able to pinpoint exactly when the user was ovulating. Seeing that it was exactly what she needed, Amber was extremely excited to test Mira out. Mira Chart Amber Upon receiving her Mira Starter Kit, Amber followed the concise instructions and tested daily. She found that whereas fertility strips were hard to read and interpret, Mira provided actual numbers and detailed information that were easy to understand. She loved that Mira’s products told her exactly what was going on and left no room for misinterpretation. Amber also found that Mira was able to shed light on things that were happening to her within her body. It provided her with a lot of information about her health that she never knew existed. All in all, Mira Fertility took all the guesswork—and stress—out of tracking her period and allowed her to get a better understanding of her fertility and health.

Life after Mira

With Mira, Amber was able to identify and pinpoint when she was ovulating. The useful information helped the couple to get pregnant just one month later. Thrilled to have found Mira on her pregnancy journey, Amber told everyone what she knew about Mira. She even passed down her kit to a close friend who was trying to get pregnant.

For those out there who are trying…

Excited to share her review and experience with Mira with other women out there who are trying to conceive, Amber wanted to let others know that this journey could be a tough and long one. While it is paramount that one stays realistic with their expectations, Amber wishes that Mira would provide hope for these women, just like it did for her.

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