“If you need proof of what is going on with your body, Mira can help you”

by Dec 2, 2020

April D

31-year-old April D is a mom of two that has had many struggles throughout the years as she’s tried to conceive.

At just 11 years old, she was told that due to the severity of her PCOS she would never conceive. “Can you imagine telling an 11-year-old who has ALWAYS wanted a family and 4 kids that she cannot have a baby?” said April, she was devastated.

PCOS has not been the only battle April has faced. She’s also struggled with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Adenomyosis, and Addison disease to name a few. In addition, April has faced multiple pregnancy losses. She has suffered 8 first trimester losses and 2 second trimester losses due to numerous complications.

Although she has suffered through multiple losses and believed at one point it was just God’s fate she would never have any children, she found herself pregnant with her first child surprisingly. Two years later, they began trying for their second child. She battled infertility and several pregnancy losses from 2011-2016. In 2017, she gave birth to her second child.

Trying to Conceive Her Third Child

When it was time to try to conceive her third child, April knew what she was up against and began seeking fertility treatment involving multiple doctor appointments, ultrasounds, bloodwork, semen analysis, and visits to multiple specialists. During this time her husband was also diagnosed with male factor infertility, failed IUI treatments and no success with multiple drugs  to induce ovulation.

Although April knew what she needed to do, the journey to trying to conceive her third was long. Throughout this time April tried other products to help with trying to successfully conceive. She tried different products such as traditional OPK’s (ovulation prediction kits) strips, more advanced ovulation products to see if they could help.

With products like the traditional OPKs, April found it hard to accurately nail down ovulation, and was often left wondering whether or not she had ovulated or not.

How April Discovered Mira Fertility Tracker

On her journey to conceive again April discovered Mira through social media, read the reviews and liked the idea of Mira giving a quantitative number instead of the traditional ovulation prediction kits that can be interpreted many different ways.

She knew that Mira could help her show doctors that she was not ovulating and could help come up with a better plan to achieve her goals of conceiving a third child.

With standard LH strips being difficult to read, Mira gave April the ability to show her actual hormone levels each month. She didn’t have to guess any more whether or not the line on the strip indicated ovulation. April was also a part of the Beta program that allowed her to not only learn her LH levels, but also her Estrogen levels. Knowing these numbers gave April the chance to truly tailor her treatment plan going through infertility treatments.

In February 2020, April began using Mira Fertility Tracker. Her initial thoughts about Mira were “why don’t more doctors know about this?” Her experience with customer service was wonderful and had little to no problems with getting started. Mira helped April show her doctors what was happening with her body so that they could create a plan that helped reach her goals of conceiving. April is currently expecting her third child.

April D report

She believes she would likely not be expecting her third child because it would’ve been difficult to get the support she needed from her doctors to get the right treatment plan for her.

“If you find yourself with doctors that are giving you any pushback and need proof of what you’re going through with your body, Mira can help you.” – April D

April wants anyone who may find themselves in her situation to not give up. She says it will happen. Her advice to anyone that may find themselves on the fence about Mira to give it a try. She can’t say enough about how much seeing your numbers and allowing you to track your cycles gives you the tools to help you when it comes to working with your providers on creating a plan that works for you.

How I got pregnant with Mira

Mira Fertility can empower you on your journey to conceiving

Mira can make the difference in not only conceiving but the support you receive from your healthcare provider. Mira’s ability to test your hormone levels specific to your body quickly allows you to identify and understand your full fertile window and ovulation cycles.

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