“I Like that Mira Gives You Real Numbers Evaluated by the Analyzer”

by Feb 24, 2021

Success Story Becky

My name is Becky, and I am 38 years old. We spent 1.5 years trying to get pregnant. We tried tracking my ovulation with various methods (OTC, ovulation test strips that were uploaded directly to an app, overnight wrist monitor to track body temperature and other physiological indicators, and lots of other apps) and just kept getting negative pregnancy tests. These methods never quite agreed on when I was actually ovulating (even though they were close). The changing and unclear results of these tests were very frustrating.

The other ovulation strips were so inconsistent and several months never showed an LH spike at all

Mira showed me actual numbers that were accurate. The other ovulation strips were so inconsistent and several months never showed an LH spike at all. I felt helpless because even though I allegedly knew when I was ovulating, I never felt like my body agreed with the other apps and methods. Mira gave me data that I could see and that I was confident to bring to my doctor… but then we didn’t need to!

What I liked about Mira is that it’s real numbers, evaluated by the analyzer and not just numbers guessed on how much lighter or darker the test line is than the control line. I didn’t have to worry about timing exactly when I looked at the test because the analyzer just gave me the results.

Mira Fertiity Test Results

I’d love for the tests to also check progesterone levels, especially as that was a concern for me in early pregnancy. I would also have taken a pregnancy test by Mira if they were available.

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