“My Age Was Against Me But Mira Was Here to Help”

by Apr 1, 2021

Brandi is a 40-year-old mother of a daughter who is seven years old. Together with Brandi’s husband they wanted their daughter to have a younger sibling to play with.

Success Story Brandi

However, as we already know, age is one of the key factors that predict your ability to conceive. Your fertility starts to decline at age 30 and keeps on dropping steadily until you hit menopause. By age 40, an average healthy woman has only a 5% chance of getting pregnant per cycle. With this information in mind, our customer, Brandi S, held little hopes that she would be able to get pregnant with a second child.

Read on to learn more about how Mira helped Brandi and her husband get pregnant with a second child after a year of trying!

Steps taken to increase the chances of pregnancy

Knowing the risk of trying for pregnancy after the age of 35, Brandi took all the necessary steps in order to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

For one, she visited her doctor once she decided that she was trying to conceive. Brandi went for multiple blood tests, all of which came back normal—she had no medical issues with regard to infertility. Brandi even started taking fertility medications as well as prenatal vitamins to aid her trying to conceive journey.

Brandi’s encounter with Mira came about when she was looking for even more ways that could increase her chances of becoming pregnant. Chancing upon a Facebook post on Mira’s products, Brandi asked her friends and family if they have heard of or used Mira’s products before, but to no avail.

She did a thorough search on Google and was impressed by the numerous positive testimonials. Thus, Brandi decided to give Mira a shot.

Brandi’s experience with Mira

Along with the comprehensive steps that Brandi had already taken to increase her chances of getting pregnant, Mira was an important part of Brandi’s journey in trying to conceive.

Brandi found that Mira was extremely user-friendly—using it was a really straightforward process. It was also very easy to start tracking after using it for a couple of months.

Mira Chart

Particularly, Brandi loved that Mira was equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It is able to use algorithms to accurately pick up on her ever-changing hormone patterns and offer highly personalized fertility advice.

Unlike other fertility products that popped up during her research, Mira was able to show her actual numbers and even had graphs for her to refer to. Mira’s Calendar Method also helped her to learn her cycle by tracking which week would be best for her to conceive based on real numbers.


Words of advice to potential Mira users out there

At the end of our interview with Brandi, we asked her if she had any words of advice for women who are currently trying to conceive.

With a positive tone, Brandi responded:

“When I first started using Mira I did not know anybody else who was using it. Today, so many more people in my circle have heard and tried Mira because I have introduced it to my girlfriends who I know are trying to conceive.

My sister who is—like me—on the older side is also keen to start using Mira because of how it worked for me.

Mira is also coming up with lots of exciting features that will be helpful for women and their fertility journey.”

Beating the odds with Mira

If you, like Brandi, are trying to get pregnant after the age of 35, do not be discouraged by the tons of articles that tell you how difficult, challenging, or impossible it is. Perhaps Mira could help. Let’s not waste any more time—try beating the odds with Mira!

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