“It Could Have Taken So Much Longer for Us to Conceive Without Mira”

by Dec 23, 2020

This year has been a rocky road, but even through uncertainty, MIRAcles did happen. One of our customers – Curtina B. from California – gave birth to her baby boy this September. Read on her success story to find out how Mira helped Curtina to overcome her fertility issues and get pregnant without waiting the traditional year to begin testing at the doctor’s office.

Mira Success Story Curtina

The Months Without a Positive Result

Getting pregnant with my first came easily – I stopped taking birth control and found myself pregnant the following month. After that experience, we assumed the best and never expected anything different when trying for baby number two. We had been trying for a few months before a deployment with no luck. Once my husband came back, we assumed it would happen right away, and became increasingly frustrated as the months passed without a positive result. With no underlying medical issues or other causes to investigate, we just didn’t fall into the traditional categories and were frustrated with the lack of explanation, and options.

Traditional Ovulation Testing Methods Didn’t Seem to Be Working

Because I’d already had a successful pregnancy, doctors were unwilling to look into the issue further until we had been trying for at least a year. With another deployment on the horizon, we felt like we were running against the clock and looking at all of our options. Traditional ovulation testing methods didn’t seem to be working, and I found them messy and cumbersome to begin with. I was looking for more – not only more control, but more data so I could get to the heart of the problem if there was one.

With doctors unwilling to even begin testing until we’d been trying for at least a year, I looked online for support. But looking online, I often felt as lost as I did at the doctor’s office. I didn’t fall into any of the traditional fertility categories and there were no underlying issues like so many women struggle with. Forums and Facebook groups made me question my issues, and I truly felt helpless.

I Needed to See Actual Numbers

When researching fertility issues online, I started to realize just how many variables are involved in a successful pregnancy. Maybe my surge had changed because I was in my thirties now, or maybe we just weren’t timing things right. I’d spent most of my life trying not to get pregnant, and things had happened quickly with my first, so this was all new territory and I felt isolated and lost trying to decipher it all. I knew if I had a problem, I’d need to start investigating things sooner rather than later. I needed more to go on and I needed to see actual numbers, but with doctors basically refusing to test until we’d been trying for a year, I didn’t know where to turn.

Mira Was Exactly the Solution I Was Looking For

After seeing information about Mira on Facebook, I felt like it might just give us the insight we needed to time things right and successfully conceive. I did my research and was instantly drawn to Mira’s precise hormone tracking system that gives numeric hormone levels rather than just a line on a stick. Not only did I find traditional LH tracking ovulation sticks hard to read and often unreliable, but I was also constantly caught missing the strict window to read results, making the whole method even more cumbersome when I had to test again. Mira was exactly the solution I was looking for and I didn’t need my doctor’s permission to get started.

Curtina Pregnancy

Mira Took the Guesswork out of Fertility

Once I started using Mira to track everything, I was so glad I had found this tool. It was so easy to use and it finally gave me a sense of direction where I had previously felt lost and alone. Mira gave me the option of concrete numbers so I could see exactly where I was at with my hormone levels and know exactly when to try and conceive. Being able to test my hormone levels in such an accessible way at home made all the difference on this pregnancy journey.

Looking back, it could have taken so much longer for us to conceive without the info and insights that Mira provided. People assume women below a certain age won’t have any issues getting pregnant, and I often felt dismissed for our concerns, even online. Mira took the guesswork out of fertility and my husband and I were able to plan our activities accordingly.

Thanks to Using Mira, I Knew Exactly Where I Was at in My Cycle

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t get a positive result until the day my period was supposed to start. Thanks to using Mira, I knew exactly where I was at in my cycle this time and had been having pains in both ovaries that just felt different. I was able to test 5 days before my period was due, and to our amazement, it came back positive. I’m certain things could have taken much longer without the valuable insights testing with Mira provided.

I’m so glad I was able to find a solution that was available over the counter, so I didn’t need to wait for my doctor to put the process in motion. When time is of the essence and you’re looking for answers, waiting the traditional year to begin testing can feel excruciating. With Mira I was able to take control of my health, and ultimately conceive.

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