“Mira Has Not Just Been Part Of My PCOS Journey But My Fertility One As Well”

by Apr 29, 2021

Success Story Heather

I have PCOS and have been told by several doctors that this would prevent me from ever conceiving. Each time I was told that my spirit was crushed. And in the beginning that seemed to be true.

It took us everything and six years of fertility treatment to get pregnant with our first. And then we went through a similar process for our second. But thankfully, with the help and support of many experts we were blessed and able to grow our family.

Fast forward a few years and my PCOS symptoms were troubling me on a new level. I started to do some research which led me to your monitoring system, Mira. One of the issues that came up during fertility treatment was that I wasn’t ovulating. For several months we watched closely. My numbers for the most part were consistently low. But it was empowering to have the information. Our main interest in monitoring was to learn more about my PCOS. We talked about wanting another child, but decided we were not prepared for the unknown upward costs and roller-coaster of emotions that come with fertility treatments.

“Looking at that spike filled me with pride”

After years of being told it would be impossible for us to conceive on our own, it didn’t even occur to us that it was actually a possibility. And then one month unexpectedly I got a small one day spike. I’ll never forget it. Looking at that spike filled me with pride. It made me feel hopeful about my PCOS. My husband and I laughed about it and celebrated. To us it was a win.

Mira Chart Heather

From what I was reading however it was not a reading high enough for a typical ovulation. Out of curiosity I continued to monitor each morning afterwards to see if it might possibly spike again. As if my small spike might be a practice run or sign of a true ovulation to come. Well about a week later there was another spike (about the same reading I got before). The next morning the reading was even higher. And the day after that and after that. It just kept climbing. Until it reached the upward limits of the monitor.

Mira Chart Heather 2

From what information I found online it seemed like these readings were too high for a typical ovulation. I wasn’t sure what was going on with me. I made an appointment with my doctor but it wasn’t for another week. In the meantime I was starting to pick up other symptoms. I lost my appetite, felt tired, my energy was low and nauseated. Something was off. We started to suspect that I might have Covid. Desperate for answers I searched the internet and found an obscure post that mentioned that ovulation test strips can have false positives when a woman is pregnant. That the hormones of ovulation and pregnancy are so similar that pregnancy can be detected using an ovulation test. I had never heard of this before. And also this information did not come from a reliable website. It was a huge stretch to even consider it a possibility.

I searched the Mira website and manual but didn’t find anything that backed this idea up. Despite my doubts however I bought a pregnancy test kit (one with extra tests just to be sure). I took the test and have never felt more stunned in my life. The next day during my doctors appointment, she laughed at me and said, “Oh yeah that’s a thing. You’re pregnant”. And here I’m 32 weeks along and still feeling stunned.

Mira has not just been part of my PCOS journey but my fertility one as well. That’s my story.

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