“Mira Allowed Me to Pin Point My Exact Surge and Time Sex Perfectly”

by Jan 8, 2021

Jane Story

I am 32 years old and was diagnosed with a mild version of PCOS a couple of months ago. I’ve always had slightly irregular periods, usually every month to six weeks, but never tracked them properly until we started thinking about conceiving earlier this year [2020]. After noticing an unusually long cycle of 57 days, I thought I should check in my GP given we were about to start trying for a baby. Long story short, after a three month wait, I had an ultrasound scan and they discovered I had polycystic ovaries. I had zero other PCOS symptoms (blood tests showed normal hormone levels, no excessive hair, not overweight, no acne etc) but that combined with slightly irregular periods was enough for a diagnosis.

I was devastated –– coming from a family of five siblings and a couple of accidental pregnancies on my sisters and mum’s side, I had always assumed I was super fertile and would fall pregnant immediately. I was given very little information by my doctors other than our medical options, which came with side effects.

Because my husband and I had only been trying for one cycle (and getting the timing totally wrong, it turns out!), plus my PCOS was mild, we decided to keep trying naturally for a few months and try to shorten my cycle through diet (no wheat, very little sugar, it worked). I also purchased a Mira device as I was getting false positives all the time with the regular OPKs and had no idea when I was ovulating given my cycle length was all over the place.

Fast-forward to December 2020 and I’ve just had a positive pregnancy test result –– we fell pregnant with Mira on our second try!

Mira allowed me to pin point my exact surge and time sex perfectly, when you’re on a 40+ day cycle and in a 7-year relationship having sex every day is exhausting and not very fun. It’s the only OPK I’ve tried that didn’t give any false positives and allowed me to understand my own cycle inside out.

I cannot recommend Mira enough and would tell everyone out there with PCOS not to give up hope.

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