“I Don’t Think It Would Have Happened as Quickly Without Mira”

by Oct 6, 2021

After breastfeeding and experiencing pregnancy loss, Jena knew that things might be different when trying for another baby.  Mira not only helped her see the unique curves in her cycle, but she was able to detect another pregnancy in the first month!  Read on to learn more about Jena’s trying to conceive journey and how Mira helped her.

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

After building their business and enjoying the no kid lifestyle, Jena and her husband knew they were ready to start a family.  Doing all the “right” things and eager to get started, they were heartbroken when their first pregnancy ended in miscarriage.  A whole new world of information opened up, and suddenly they were aware of just how much is outside of your control when trying to conceive.

Jena knew she was doing all she could with her health and was shocked by test results that had revealed a genetic abnormality with her first pregnancy.  She didn’t even know it could be an issue and went down a testing rabbit hole to get some answers.  Those results didn’t uncover anything specific but it changed their perspective on trying.

After her body healed from the loss, and her cycle returned, Jena was ready to try again but knew her hormones might be out of whack and that things could be unpredictable.  It only took a few months of trying before they were successful though and were blessed with a little girl.

When her period returned after months of breastfeeding, Jena began tracking and paying attention to other signs of fertility in her body.  She knew things could be different after what she’d experienced before and was no stranger to the benefits of data in her line of work.  Even though they weren’t trying to get pregnant, she wanted to understand what was going on in her body.  If there were going to be any delays with future baby-making efforts, Jena wanted to prepare herself so she knew what she was working with.

When trying for her first, Jena used OPKs and got used to the familiar cycle of getting a positive OPK followed by ovulation cramps in a couple of days.  So when her period came back she expected to return to normal but this time things were noticeably different.  Instead of the familiar pattern she’d noticed with previous OPKs, cramps were coming on the same day as a positive OPK and her luteal phase felt shorter.  All of the signs pointed to rapid ovulation, but testing with OPKs made it hard to pinpoint and even harder to predict.  What was once normal suddenly wasn’t and even though they weren’t actively trying to conceive, they weren’t avoiding it either since they knew it could take some time to conceive again.

Armed with this new information, Jena worked with her doctor to rule out any other issues and investigate any concerns.  Even though there were some exceptions, like lower estrogen and a thinner uterine lining, her doctor was confident she could conceive once her hormones had a chance to even out.

They knew they wanted to keep trying, but needed a break from the business of trying and all of the tracking that came along with it.  Jena was still monitoring her cycles with OPKs but her and her husband weren’t timing intercourse for conception or logging when they had been intimate.  Not wanting to drive herself crazy, after a couple of months Jena stopped tracking with OPK’s too.  But something felt off, so after getting a positive OPK for 5 straight days, she knew something was going on and called her doctor.  Tests revealed an early pregnancy that unfortunately never progressed but the experience left Jena wanting to know even more about her cycle and how she could help things along.

Along came Mira

How I Got Pregnant With Mira - Story by Jena

After all of the testing and what she had been through, Jena just knew that there was something different about her body.  Previous testing with OPKs wasn’t working as well and she found it hard to “catch” ovulation that way.  Even though her doctor had done a battery of tests and she knew she could get pregnant, her cycle still felt different.  Private testing was both cumbersome and costly so when her friends mentioned Mira she went down another rabbit hole to see if this could work for her.

Based on her OPK testing and knowing her own body, Jena suspected she had rapid onset ovulation but had no way to definitely test or even see the data.  She was excited at the idea of having the information she needed at her fingertips, but her husband wasn’t convinced this wasn’t just an excuse to get a new gadget.  Her research was enough to convince him though and they were ready to start trying again, this time with Mira to help.

The data doesn’t lie

Even though the cheap OPKs allowed Jena to see the progression of the line, she just knew something was off and needed more information.  Her doctor had mentioned lower estrogen, and with her body regulating after breastfeeding, she didn’t feel she was able to catch her fertile window.  Unlike the OPKs, Mira took the guesswork out of when she was ovulating.  Mira provided actual numbers and detailed information so she could see not only the progression, but the exact curve as well.  Jena loved being able to see the data and how it changed over time.

Test it out

Jena was excited to try again but wanted to make sure she was getting the most out of her Mira device.  She followed the instructions exactly and decided to just try things out for the first month just to get used to things.  Although still tracking other physical signs, Jena was able to catch her LH surge in a way that might not have happened with OPKs.  Through Mira she could see just how rapid that onset was and take advantage of that timing.  Timing she may not have even noticed with OPKs.

“I wouldn’t have known it without Mira”.

Thanks to Mira Jena knew she was getting close to ovulation but she still wasn’t sure, and with traditional OPKs she would have only tested once that morning.  Mira allowed her to not only “catch” her peak, but she could see the progression thanks to the data saved.  Jena not only confirmed her rapid onset, but took advantage of that data and was able to conceive in the first month.

Thrilled with her results, Jena was excited to share about Mira with everyone.

“I don’t think it would have happened as quickly without Mira.”

Life moves fast, especially when you have toddlers at home, and we’re busier than ever.  One thing Jena loved with Mira was the ability to plan her life around baby-making efforts.  With a busy life, the reality of trying for a baby can take its toll.  Jena was both struggling to catch her fertile window, and approach it in a way that didn’t feel like a job.  Tools like Mira gave her the insight on her own cycle that she needed and helped plan those baby-making times so it seemed less like a job and more like the fun we all anticipate.

For those out there who are trying…

Due in early 2022, Jena was excited to share her review and experience with Mira after such a positive experience.  She loved the support she found on social media through Mira’s Facebook page and others she met through there.  Being a tech founder herself, she wanted to spread the word about a tool that can help so many people in different ways.

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