“Mira is a Complete Game Changer. It Gave Me a Peace of Mind and Taught Me Things About My Body”

by Jul 7, 2021

Having been on birth control for over a decade, 29-year-old Kate B. was worried that her menstrual cycle would not be regular when she stopped taking birth control. She was also concerned that her history with an eating disorder would contribute to the irregularity of her menstrual cycle and thus hinder her ability to conceive. Read on to learn more about how Mira’s products eased Kate B.’s anxiety and helped her and her partner get pregnant in just two months. 

Confused and discouraged by traditional testing methods

When Kate B. had stopped taking birth control, her menstrual cycle was regular for two months. However, she soon found out that this was only because of the active hormones that remained in her system. Following the two months, she was not having a regular cycle at all. 

Kate B. turned to treatment options such as acupuncture in hopes that it would help to regulate her cycle. While the acupuncture did help her eventually get her cycle back, it lasted 36 to 38 days. 

This was a source of confusion and distraught for Kate B. because she was at the same time using over-the-counter ovulation strips to track and detect when she was ovulating. She had expected that the test strips would tell her when she would most likely conceive so that her and her partner could try for a baby. Unfortunately, the traditional test kits provided inaccurate information that left her discouraged. For one, Kate B. could never tell if there was a second line. Furthermore, because her cycle was long, Kate B. was not ovulating around day 14, which she had initially expected.

Over time, Kate B. and her partner were mentally and physically exhausted from the frequent testing and guessing. They were convinced that she was somehow not ovulating. 

A chance encounter with Mira

Just when she was on the verge of giving up, Kate B. saw a post online about Mira’s products and was impressed by the reviews that were left by other women who were trying to conceive and successfully did so with aid from Mira’s products.

Initially, Kate B. was hesitant to give Mira a try because it was priced slightly higher than typical fertility products. She also did not want to be left disappointed like traditional ovulation test kits had left her. However, when she saw that Mira’s products were covered by HSA (Health Savings Account), she immediately placed her order and waited patiently for her parcel to arrive at her doors.

Learning about her body with Mira

Kate B. loved that unlike other fertility products, Mira took the guesswork out of whether or not she was ovulating. Mira was able to pinpoint exactly when she was ovulating. She found that whereas fertility strips were hard to read and interpret, Mira provided actual numbers and detailed information that were easy to understand. She loved that Mira’s products told her exactly what was going on and left no room for misinterpretation. 

Kate B. was particularly impressed that Mira was able to shed light on things that were happening to her within her body. It provided her with a lot of information about her body that she never knew about. For example, Kate B. learned that she only started ovulating after day 22. If she had stuck to traditional testing methods, Kate B. would have given up and stopped testing after day 18. 

The Mira Fertility System also reflected spikes in estrogen levels, which helped Kate B. anticipate when she was about to ovulate. All in all, The Mira Fertility System took all the guesswork—and stress—out of tracking her cycle. It allowed Kate B. to get a peace of mind that she was in fact, “normal” and that all she had to do was to try to conceive a lot later than most couples do. 

Life after Mira

With Mira, Kate B. was able to identify and pinpoint when she was ovulating. The useful information helped the couple to get pregnant just two months after. Thrilled to have found Mira on her pregnancy journey, Kate B. told everyone she knew about Mira. 

She also feels that it would help if couples could find a community that would help them feel better and less alone. 

“I found a lot of comfort in Mira’s social media posts and resources because I felt that I was not alone in facing these fertility issues. This vulnerable topic is not something that people talk about too often and I was thrilled to have found a community of people there.” 

“After trying for so long, the trying to conceive journey could so easily be turned into just another task on your to-do list. You want to bring a child into this world out of love. So, it’s important to remain patient in the process and be kind to your body—something that many women fail to do!”

Finally, Kate B. wanted to let others know that this journey could be a tough one and it would help if women out there who are trying to conceive would turn their frustration and confusion into kindness and love for their partner. 

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