“Thanks to Mira, I Didn’t Have to Proceed With the Second Round of IVF”

by Jan 27, 2021

Success Story Katie

My husband and I were trying to conceive for the best part of two years. I couldn’t get consistent and concise advice from fertility professionals. I didn’t understand if I was ovulating and when. I could not find affordable devices to aid me through this fertility process without the need for medical help requiring a lot of time away from my workplace.

Our first IVF had failed

After 1.5 years of trying, my husband and I collectively decided to proceed with IVF (ICSI) as advised by a Gynecologist due to our age (34 and 39). But the treatment failed in June 2020. When realising that our IVF treatment had failed, we were both very low in self-esteem and didn’t believe that our dream would one day come true.

I discovered the MIRA device online through Facebook

After not just the financial investment but most importantly the emotional investment – I discovered the MIRA device online through Facebook. At a stage whereby I would almost try anything and spend any amount to make our miracle happen, we decided after 5 months of trying with MIRA to proceed with round two of IVF (not knowing at the time I was PREGNANT thru MIRA). Now the best is yet to come…

I was speechless and just in total shock

Whilst taking my Decapeptyl injection and waiting anxiously for my menstrual period to start (which is the very start of IVF treatment), it did not start. I called the fertility doctor, worried, and decided upon myself to take a pregnancy test as I was concerned that the injections would be of potential harm, if I was pregnant. Much to my elation, the pregnancy test was a BFP (Big Fat Positive) – I was speechless and just in total shock as this was the last thing I was expecting. This was with thanks to the MIRA device and application, I was no longer required to proceed with the second round of IVF treatment and now hopefully just over a month into my pregnancy voyage.

I found MIRA support team extraordinarily helpful

The MIRA device and App helped me to understand my cycle, track my peak days / times, and the trend analysis produced as a result of my reading allowed me to predict best my ovulation day and thus plan accordingly. I found MIRA support team extraordinarily helpful. I had experienced minor issues with my test wands and readings of which was detected by the MIRA support team, and I was issued a box of MIRA fertility test wands (free of charge) as a complimentary replacement without even having to ask, making sure I was happy and satisfied with MIRA product and services – providing service in a timely and pleasant manner.

Without the MIRA device and support services, I would not be living this miracle I am today. I STRONGLY recommend anyone going through that difficult journey when you almost feel like giving up or just beginning their fertility journey to purchase the MIRA device – It has been most certainly life changing for me!

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