“Because of Mira, I Am Expecting My Second Miracle Rainbow Boy”

by Feb 17, 2021

Success Story Kristie

A rare blood clotting disorder was terminating my pregnancies early

My husband and I experienced our first loss in 2014. We had unexpectedly conceived again, and I gave birth to our son prematurely at 33 weeks in December 2018.

We went on to have 2 losses again after him – in September and November 2019. Considering it was now our 3rd loss, it was recommended we see a specialist. It was then that we discovered I had a rare blood clotting disorder. It only affected me during pregnancy. This disorder was terminating my pregnancies early.

We conceived naturally, and again unexpectedly in March 2020, however that would end in a loss in May 2020. We had a chemical pregnancy immediately following.

My specialist had recommended using ovulation tests, however, they were just completely difficult to read and how trustworthy were they, really? I probably used every single one on the market but couldn’t find a reliable ovulation test.

Mira picked up that I was ovulating pretty quickly

After having my D&C (dilation and curettage procedure) in May 2020, I knew we needed a more reliable ovulation test. I had begun doing a lot of research when I came across Mira. I purchased Mira in June 2020, and to my surprise it picked up that I was ovulating pretty quickly. I learned that I ovulate almost immediately after my monthly is over. I conceived the same month, and I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant with our second miracle rainbow boy.

Kristie - Mira chart

Mira was completely accurate

Mira’s technology is incomparable to anything else on the market. It was completely accurate, and informed me that I ovulate much more earlier than expected. Because of Mira, I am expecting my second miracle baby in a couple of short weeks!

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