“Mira Pinpointed Exactly When My Ovulation Started”

by Feb 10, 2021

Success Story Rachel

My name is Rachel, and I am 32 years old. I don’t have any type of hormone Imbalance. Nevertheless, getting pregnant was still a struggle for us. We’ve spent 10 months trying to conceive.

It was challenging always thinking “it will happen” and then months and months go by so you start to think you are broken or possibly not capable of having children without some sort of fertility treatments. Seeing other people get pregnant right away after you have been trying for a while  and not getting any positive results was very disheartening.

Rachel’s Experience With Mira Fertility

I am someone who has always had an irregular period. So tracking my ovulation without help was impossible. Mira pinpointed exactly when my ovulation started and without it I would still just be using generic apps to try and predict my cycle.

I like how easy Mira is to use, read and understand the information it is telling me.

The only change I would like to see would be that the app could change to track your pregnancy after you do test positive. Tell you the weeks along you are the changes your body is going through and how your baby is growing.

Mira Fertility Can Empower You On Your Journey to Conceiving

Mira is the first-ever personalized, at-home, lab-quality hormone tracking system. Unlike other ovulation tracking methods, it was created to adapt to everyone’s unique fertility journey — leaving no one behind. So, whether you have irregular periods, PCOS, or other hormonal imbalances, Mira tracks your numeric hormone levels and helps you pinpoint your full fertile window up to 6 days.

Learn more about why you should track your cycles with Mira Fertility Plus here.

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Track your whole cycle and what is happening with your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and clear insights. Let Mira take the guesswork out of tracking all fertile days and infertile days.