“After 7 Years of Trying, Mira Helped Me Get Pregnant in One Month”

by Jul 1, 2021

36-year-old Rishawn knew that her diagnosis of Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) would make her trying to conceive journey that much harder. On top of managing her PCOS condition, Rishawn had undergone multiple surgeries and procedures during her trying to conceive journey. After seven long and gruelling years of trying to get pregnant, Rishawn finally got pregnant this year.

Mira Success Story Rishawn

Read on to learn more about Rishawn’s experience with Mira and how Mira’s products helped her and her partner get pregnant within just a single month of tracking her ovulation.

A tumultuous journey filled with surgeries and procedures

Rishawn’s trying to conceive journey was far from being a smooth one—on top of PCOS, Rishawn had undergone surgery for the removal of cysts found in her uterus. Rishawn also went through two failed Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and a medicated cycle—where IUI was done in conjunction with fertility drugs that stimulate her body to mature and ovulate multiple eggs. While one of these procedures did end in pregnancy, Rishawn and her partner unfortunately went through a miscarriage.

In January of 2021, Rishawn found out that she was pregnant again, but this time, the couple experienced an ectopic pregnancy, in which her left fallopian tube ruptured. Because a fertilized egg cannot survive outside the womb, the couple unfortunately lost their baby again. Rishawn even had to remove her left fallopian tube following this pregnancy, making it even more difficult for her to get pregnant again.

Discovering Mira

After a chance encounter with Mira on Facebook, Rishawn decided to give Mira’s products a try. However, with all that she had been through in terms of her past surgeries and PCOS condition, Rishawn did not pin high hopes on Mira’s products, for fear of being left disappointed once again.

When she received the product in May of 2021, she tried it immediately and followed the concise instructions religiously. The Mira Fertility System pinpointed exactly when she was ovulating and Rishawn was able to get pregnant in June 2021, just one month after receiving her Mira parcel.

Rishawn loved that unlike fertility strips that were hard to read and interpret, Mira provided actual numbers and detailed information that were easy to understand. Furthermore, the fertility strips that she had been using were unsuitable for people with PCOS as they are likely to give misleading results. Mira’s products, on the other hand told her exactly what was going on and left no room for misinterpretation.

Put simply, The Mira Fertility System took all the guesswork—and stress—out of tracking her period and allowed her to get a better understanding of her fertility and health.

Life after Mira and message for those who are trying

Having been trying for seven years, Rishawn was glad that with Mira, she was able to identify and pinpoint when she was ovulating. The useful information helped the couple to get pregnant just one month after. This saved Rishawn and her partner from a third IUI which they were planning for in the coming year.

Thrilled to have found Mira on her pregnancy journey, Rishawn hopes that everyone else who is trying to get pregnant would give Mira a try. Particularly, she feels that people with PCOS who are trying to conceive should consider including Mira into their fertility journey.

“I have PCOS and only one fallopian tube. So, it was shocking to me that the first month that I used Mira, I got pregnant. Mira is accurate, helpful, and easy to use—I will definitely continue to use the product when I eventually want to expand my family, and so should you.”

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