HR Manager

Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference for women's health?
Women's Health direct-to-consumer startup is looking for an HR manager.

About Mira

Mira is a fast-growing point of care health platform startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. At Mira, we innovate and commercialize mobile health diagnostic platform for women’s health. Mira is full of smart, driven people who care a lot more about getting things done and making a difference. We truly believe in our mission of improving the life quality of families and put our value into daily practice. We look for individuals who are passionate, self-driven, embracing challenges, and making an impact.



We are looking for an HR manager with startup experience to lead the HR activities at Mira. This will start from recruiting activities to team building, HR policies, compensation plans, career development plans, and many other things. This role will work with the Mira executive team to build the future team structure of Mira. It will construct a powerful and high-performance team with the best talents. Together, we will build Mira’s culture, and communicate it to the team.



In this role, we are looking for an experienced and resourceful HR manager who understands the startup world, who can summarize, learn, and strategically try different approaches to build the best team:

  • Recruitment
    • Most roles are for the US marketing and sales team
    • Work with the hiring manager to draft job description, post on hiring platforms, conduct the screening, assign and evaluate the test tasks, organize group interviews, and complete the hiring process
    • Need to be very familiar with digital marketing roles
    • Need to be resourceful to find international, part-time, and cost effective talents, through major hiring platforms as well as company website, marketing forums, and personal connections
    • Be able to tailor the approach and fit the expectation with the market availability
  • Team building
    • Research and create a list of team building ideas that suite Mira’s culture
    • Organize periodical team building events to create a happy and supportive working environment, while facilitating team’s growth
    • Collect team’s feedback on their satisfaction level and propose solutions
  • Compensation plans
    • Develop compensation plan for the executive level and all team level
    • Structure compensation based on band, title, and responsibility
    • Tailor and strategically adjust the plan based on change of business situations and the team
    • Make the plan fit both the company’s and team’s goal, incentivizing both short and long term, utilizing a variety of options
    • Execute the plan by processing paperworks
  • Training and career development plan
    • Research and propose ideas of team training on both technical, cultural, and professional development
    • Structure a company-wide, systematical career development plan with levels
    • Organize and conduct employee onboarding training
    • Build the strategy and policy of promotion and demotion
    • Obtaining employee feedback and communicating it to senior management
  • Build the culture
    • Develop the Mira culture together with the executive team
    • Utilize team activities/tools/plans to communicate and execute the culture to every team member



  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3+ years of digital marketing related startup HR experience
  • Very strong ability to learn
  • Ability to execute effectively with the highly clear logical stream and a sense of urgency
  • Be capable to explore and tailor approach according to user and market feedback
  • The strategical and analytical thought process for logical decision making


Scope of work

  • This will be a part time (20 hours/week) to full time role, to make sure we are a good fit with each other
  • For the part time role, we will start from majorly Recruitment, and then expand to the other items during the full time role
  • The part time role is expected to last 1-3 months before converting to full time. This depends on performance as well

How to apply

Think we’re a good match? Send us a link to your LinkedIn, your portfolio, or a copy of your resume with a few sentences about yourself and we’ll be in touch!