Fertility Coaching Program Lead – part-time

About Mira

Mira is a San Francisco-based hormonal health company providing integrative care and hormonal testing for over 92,000 customers. In 2023, they were recognized by Inc. 5000 as America’s fastest-growing femtech company. We started our company to help women and individuals reach their parenthood dreams and make their fertility journey smoother.

Mira’s most important breakthrough was inventing the market’s only FDA-compliant at-home fertility monitor with quantitative technology. Since the beginning, they have been on a mission to develop data-driven hormonal health solutions to help women make confident health decisions during every stage of their lives—from the menstrual stage to menopause. Mira offers solutions to test, boost, and navigate fertility—starting from comprehensive hormone testing and supplements to fertility coaching and online courses.

We are committed to helping our customers achieve the highest possible success rates and outcomes; that is why our focus is on personalized care, the use of the most cutting-edge technology, and science-backed data.

About the position

We are seeking a Fertility Coaching Program Lead to supervise our team of fertility coaches and help curate our program framework. The ideal candidate believes in a holistic health approach, advocates for the importance of fertility guidance, has experience with Telehealth services, and has held a management position before.

If want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup and make a difference for women’s health please join us!


  • Program Leadership: Lead the Mira Fertility Coaching Program, establishing protocols, and setting standards for vetting coaches.
  • Research and Innovation: Research and integrate the latest scientifically approved techniques/methods into fertility coaching practices, contributing to the development of a coaching grading system and incentives program.
  • Supervision and Guidance: Provide supervision and guidance to Mira fertility coaches, assisting in resolving complex cases and addressing concerns from patients dissatisfied with provided services.
  • Advocacy for Fertility Guidance: Advocate for the importance of fertility guidance and holistic health approaches, both internally within the company and externally in relevant discussions and platforms.
  • Communication and Alignment: Maintain regular communication with the team to ensure alignment and provide updates on program progress.
  • Resource Management: Contribute to the creation and maintenance of the vetted resource library for Mira clients.
  • Data Analysis and Compliance: Assist in gathering data to support the program’s effectiveness and provide essential information regarding third-party regulatory inquiries.
  • Collaboration and Project Management: Collaborate with other teams on projects to achieve company objectives.


  • Possession of a Medical Degree (MD) is highly desirable, providing a deeper clinical perspective and enhancing the ability to work closely with other healthcare professionals in managing complex fertility cases.
  • Direct experience as a fertility coach 5+ years, providing guidance and support to individuals navigating fertility challenges.
  • Relevant certifications from recognized US fertility organizations or institutions.
  • Strong understanding of reproductive health, fertility treatments, and infertility issues.
  • Commitment to staying updated with the latest research and guidelines in fertility.
  • Ability to lead and motivate healthcare professionals with strong communication and delegation skills.
  • Experience in overseeing program development, setting goals, and ensuring quality control.
  • Knowledge of Telehealth platforms and experience in virtual healthcare settings, with an understanding of HIPAA compliance.


The role is a remote part-time position, with a 10-hour workweek, flexible working hours.

What we offer

  • You will work with a dedicated, highly-engaged, international team of professionals who are passionate about helping couples and individuals start their families
  • We have a fast paced and collaborative work environment where we encourage open communication, ownership and independence
  • In addition to competitive salary we offer performance-based bonus system based on OKR
  • We provide professional development opportunities – training courses, workshops and seminars

Recruiting process

Step 1 ‘Screening call with HR’ – Step 2 ‘Assessment task’ – Step 3 ‘Interview with department lead’ – Step 4 ‘Final interview with CEO and Head of B2B’