In 2023,

We Hired a Sex Hormones Tester at Mira

Why We Did It

To answer the age-old question: Do hormones really affect our daily lives as much as we think they do?

What We Did

We set out to find a fearless sex hormones tester by opening one of the most unique job vacancies in the world. Little did we know...

We received more than 3,000 applications

In under a month, the response was overwhelming. More than 3,000 women around the world shared their stories with us.


Meet Vinisha—Our Sex HormonesTester!

After careful consideration, we met Vinisha Rumph and decided to make her our Sex Hormones Tester! We were inspired by her charisma and how passionate she was about making mindful discoveries about her body.

Follow Vinisha’s 31-Day Hormone Monitoring Journey

Watch as she made hormone monitoring with Mira an essential part of her daily routine. Vinisha shared invaluable information throughout her journey and teaches others why understanding your hormones can be life-changing.

Do sex hormones truly exert an influence on mood, self-confidence, and drive in women and individuals with ovaries?

Additionally, we initiated a study aimed at understanding the impact of sex hormones of people's well-being across different phases of the menstrual cycle.

We dove deep into 150 cycles

Participants diligently logged their daily experiences, including mood, productivity, and sex drive, using the Mira app. Check our blog to discover the findings!

Discover Your Hormones

Are you curious about your sex hormones and everything they can teach you? Take a minute to complete our survey.

Who we are

We’re a femtech company looking to revolutionize how women and people with ovaries monitor their fertility.

What is the Mira Hormone Monitor?

The Mira Fertility Hormone Monitor was designed to track your most important sex hormones and translate the data for you—so you can make confident life decisions. You will be monitoring your hormones with this tool throughout the study.

More about us

Mira is America’s fastest-growing fem-tech company, according to Inc5000 in 2023. With over 70K customers who trust us with one of their most important life assets (their health), we are considered pioneers in hormone monitoring.

Hey, Hormone Health Needs Attention

Hormone testing is crucial for health tracking, yet remains widely unexplored. Learn more about our commitment to hormone awareness.

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Understanding your hormones can transform your life. Improve your lifestyle, make informed decisions, and decode your body’s signals.