Mira FAQ

How Does Mira Work?

I'm trying to get pregnant. How can Mira help me?

Many couples try to conceive at the wrong time because they don’t know when their most fertile days will be. Researchers found that only 12.7% of women estimated their ovulation time correctly and only 55% of women estimated their ovulation within their fertile window. Mira tracks key fertility hormone concentrations to give you personalized insights into your cycle as well as maximizing your chances of getting pregnant.

How Mira is different from OPK?

Mira measures hormones to detect and predict ovulation. In contrast to OPK, Mira uses lab-graded technology which gives you your actual hormone levels, while OPK only does a “one line” vs “two lines” estimation. Mira’s AI learns your cycle, providing personalized ovulation prediction even for variable cycles. Your cycle information is automatically synced and analyzed by Mira so you don’t need to do any manual charting! Other OPK’s detect ovulation off a static baseline LH. But every woman is different. So it often leads to false positives or missed peak, especially if you have variable or irregular cycles. OPK’s also can’t learn your cycle over time.

How is Mira different from BBT thermometers?

Your basal body temperature (BBT) increases after you ovulate. In contrast, Mira’s lab-grade technology gives your actual hormone concentrations and detects the entire fertile window up to 5 days before ovulation. BBT changes can occur due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Mira learns your patterns and provides personalized ovulation detection for variable cycles.

How do I test my hormone level?

Make sure your tests are performed according to the instructions below:

  1. Leave the test wand in your urine sample for 10 seconds. Applying the test wand to your urine for either too long or too short can cause test errors.
  2. Keep the end of the test wand pointed downwards after dipping it in the urine sample.
  3. Do not shake the test wand after sampling the urine.
  4. Insert the test wand immediately into the Analyzer after sampling the urine.
  5. Make sure that the test wand inserted all of the way into your Analyzer.
  6. Insert the wand horizontally into the Analyzer while letting the Analyzer sit on a horizontal surface.

You can also click here for video instructions.

Why is my hormone level low? / Why does the Analyzer not detect my surge?

Our hormones fluctuate from woman-to-woman and cycle-to-cycle. The pattern of the curve is more important than the absolute value. When ovulation happens, you should see a sudden increase of LH concentration, although the peak value can vary greatly: from medium to high. Please test again in 6 hours once you see a medium or high test result to confirm if it is an LH surge.

Our LH goes up and down very sharply. The entire surge can be done within 24 hours. Therefore, it is very normal for you to see a surge in the morning, and back down in the afternoon. Once you see the surge, you are ovulating in 12-24 hours, so this is the best time to try for a baby. Please make sure you always use the first-morning urine or limit fluid intake for at least 2 hours before each test.

My LH level is high, what should I do?

LH surges in an urine often peak in the afternoon. However, each LH surge lasts 24-48 hours so you should see an elevated hormone level in the morning. To confirm ovulation, Mira’s algorithm will ask you to test again in 6 hours once it sees a high value. Once you see the surge, you will be ovulating in 12-24 hours, so this is the best time to try for a baby.

Can I use Mira to avoid pregnancy?

The data Mira provides can be useful for natural family planning and many of our customers use it for the purpose of preventing pregnancy. Mira will show you both fertile AND non-fertile days based on your unique hormone cycle. The Mira tracker automatically tells you which days to test based on your unique hormone profile and past cycle data, and it will learn over time to dynamically change your testing dates and testing frequency, if needed. Nonetheless, it’s also important to note that no fertility tracker is approved by the FDA as a 100% sure-proof contraceptive.

Does Mira feature Estrogen/hCG/Progesterone tests?

The Mira Fertility Tracker currently measures LH hormone. We are launching the estrogen in 2-3 months and progesterone test wands later this year. Pre-order is opened! Estrogen will precisely measure all fertile days. Progesterone confirms if ovulation has happened already and this is very useful for people who try to avoid pregnancy in a natural way. Both of these test wands work perfectly with the existing Mira Analyzer. This means our users will be able to measure their whole cycle with different test wands but using the same Analyzer. Mira’s one-stop solution to track a woman’s whole cycle has been long-desired. Mira is the first family health company that is able to provide an easy to use solution which gives women a comprehensive picture of their cycle and health.

Can I use Mira if I take Metformin, Letrozole, or Clomid?

If you ovulate, you can track it with Mira. You can even use Mira to tell if an ovulation stimulation drug is working.

I'm breastfeeding. Can I use Mira to track when my ovulation will get back?

Yes, you can! On average, the first ovulation will start again approximately 2 weeks before the first period. Mira tracks your fertility hormones so that you will know when your first ovulation happens, even before your period comes back. You can use this information for trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy.
Simply test every 2-3 days until you see the LH hormone surge. Ovulation often happens within 12-24 hours after the LH surge. 

Can I use Mira if I have an ovarian cyst?

If you ovulate, Mira can detect your hormone change before the ovulation. Some people with ovarian cysts may have hormonal issues. Mira can track improvements and treatment efficiency, as well as identifying any red flags that you may not already know.

Can I use Mira if I take Clomid?

Yes, you can! Clomid helps with follicle development by stimulating the Luteinizing hormone (LH) and the Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) release. FSH helps with follicle development and LH triggers ovulation. Mira measures LH levels to easily detect your ovulation without the stressful guesswork.

I have some healthy issues. Can I use Mira to help me get pregnant?

Mira measures your actual fertility hormone levels and learns your cycle over time, so it will help you find out when you are fertile and infertile. Thousands of women use Mira to try to get and avoid pregnancy. As for people with (some healthy issues), we suggest you asking for your doctor’s advice. Here is a document named Mira Healthcare Professionals Brochure, you could share with your doctor.

I have a miscarriage recently, when can I start testing?

We suggest you starting testing after you got your period.

Analyzer and Wands

How many wands should I purchase?

You will usually need 10-15 wands per cycle, depending on your cycle length. The App dynamically calculates when you need to test and will remind you about your testing days. You will test occasionally at the beginning of each cycle, which is about once per day around the fertile window, and about twice a day at the day of ovulation. Mira’s smart algorithm saves you money and additional effort by learning your cycle, and only asking you to test when it is truly needed.

When should I test?

First, make sure to allow notifications from the Mira App in your smartphone. The App will notify you when it’s time to test. The Mira App calendar screen shows green dots on days that you should test. Depending on your cycle length, testing can be every day after your period or every 2-3 days. You can run a test during any time of the day, however, you should choose a specific time every day to be consistent. The most important step is to limit fluid intake for 2 hours before the test. Excessive fluid intake will affect the accuracy of the tests (diluting the LH concentration). This is why many prefer using their first morning urine.

How do I sync with Bluetooth?
  1. Make sure your Analyzer screen is on while pairing.
  2. Sometimes multiple Bluetooth devices in the same area can cause issues when syncing. If you have problems connecting your device, please try syncing again in another room or isolated area to see if that solves your issue.
  3. After you press “Connect Mira Analyzer” on the Mira app, keep an eye on your Analyzer as it will take 15-20 seconds for the syncing prompt to appear on the first pairing.

It may take several attempts to complete the first pairing, so please use the reset button on the back of the Mira Analyzer if it doesn’t sync on the first try.

How do I charge Mira Analyzer?
  1. A charging cable for your Mira Analyzer can be found inside the Starter Kit Box and you can use this cable with any USB Power Adapter (from your phone charger or even from a computer USB port).
  2. The mini USB connector plugs into the back of the Mira Analyzer. Please, make sure that the MIRA logo is on top when you plug in your mini USB cable.
  3. The standard USB side of the cable should be inserted into a USB A/C power adapter.
  4. Once you plug in the unit, Mira’s Analyzer screen will become green and show you that it’s charging. If not, check that you inserted mini USB and standard USB ports as instructed above.
How many accounts can the same analyzer connect? Can I borrow/give the analyzer to someone else?

Yes! You can borrow/give the analyzer to someone else. One analyzer can connect many accounts, different accounts correspond to different databases, the test data will not be confused.


Why do I have Mismatched date in my App and Analyzer?

The mismatched date usually happens after the device ran out of battery and restarted. You can try to pair your device with your phone, it usually will sync the time and date with your phone. Please let us know at support@miracare.com if the issue still exists after you try.

What does None / Low / Medium / High mean?

The LH level may have inter-cycle and inter-woman variabilities. The pattern of curve is more important the absolute value. When ovulation happens, you should see a sudden increase of LH concentrations, although the peak value can vary greatly. Ovulation can happen after Medium or High LH Surge.

What does Fertility Score mean?

According to medical standards, ovulation happens 14 days before the beginning of the next period. Mira App predict fertility score based on cycle length that you entered. However, cycles can vary from woman to woman. Please, test every day when you see a green dot in App’s calendar and track your quantitative LH level. When ovulation happens, you should see a sudden increase of LH concentrations, although the peak value can vary greatly.

Irregular cycles and PCOS

Can I use Mira if my cycles are irregular?

Yes! With Mira you can see your actual hormone concentrations. Even with irregular cycles, you will be able to see when ovulation happens as long as you ovulate. You may need to test a bit more frequent than women with regular cycles, but you should be able to find your ovulation.

Is Mira PCOS-friendly?

Yes! There are many women with PCOS who use Mira to track their cycles. Mira is different from all other OPKs because Mira gives your actual hormone concentrations. With PCOS, elevated LH is usually common, and OPK will give you positive all the time. With Mira you can see your actual hormone levels and curve even your baseline LH is high.

I don’t know my cycle length, what do I need to enter?

You can enter your average or any number. The App will notify you when to test and adjust after the first cycle. You might need to test every 2-3 days and twice per day when LH surge occurs.

Payment, Financing and Reimbursement

Is Mira eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA)?

Yes! Mira is reimbursable through most FSA and HSA plans.

Can I pay for Mira with my FSA/HSA card?

Yes, enter your FSA/HSA card information just like any other credit or debit card. As long as you have enough money in your account to cover the purchase, the payment will be processed.

Do you have financing options?

Klarna is eligible for US customers, allowing you to pay in installments. Apply and get a decision instantly. No application is needed for existing accounts.

Mira Fertility Starter Kit starts as low as $36/mo. for 6 months with 0% APR. This option is available in checkout. After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to Pay over time with Klarna to complete your purchase securely.

AfterPay works for customers in Australia. You can buy the Mira Fertility Starter Kit now and pay later with easy interest-free four installments.

How does it work?

  • Add the Starter Kit to your cart as usual.
  • Choose AfterPay as your payment method.
  • AfterPay will split  your purchase into four equal payments. You will pay the first one immediately.
  • Pay the following three every two weeks. There are no extra fee if you pay on time!
In what currency I see the price on order page?

You see price in USD. There is no local currency on the order page except the UK in pounds. It will be converted to the local currency automatically at checkout.

Returns and Warranty 

Are Mira products covered by a warranty?

The Mira Analyzer is covered by a one-year limited warranty. This limited warranty applies for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase found on your receipt. Mira requires your original receipt to determine the warranty period. During the warranty period, Mira will either repair or replace, at its option, any defective Product or part at no charge to you.

For damaged or defective products which are covered by our one-year limited warranty, please contact us at support@miracare.com.

What is Mira's return policy?

The Mira Analyzer and Mira Fertility Test Wands are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

I bought Mira and realized that I’m pregnant, can I return it?

The Mira Analyzer and Mira Fertility Test Wands are non-returnable and non-refundable. 

What is the money back guarantee?

We are confident that the Mira tracking system will confirm when your LH surge occurs. So, if you use it for three months and your surge is not detected, you can return your Mira and receive 100% of your money back! 


Do you ship worldwide?


How long it will take to get Mira?

On average, US and UK orders will arrive in 3-6 business days. Other countries may take longer. 

How can I track my order delivery?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information.

Is the packaging discreet?

Yes, the shipment looks like a standard package.

How long is delivery to Australia?

3-10 days.