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The Stories

Nicole experienced years of challenges and obstacles trying to conceive. With the help of Mira, for the first time she had clear information about her hormone levels and cycle, and was able to successfully conceive.

With a successful first pregnancy, Curtina didn’t expect getting pregnant a second time to be difficult. After doctors were unwilling to provide much help, Curtina found Mira and was able to take control and conceive again.

Amber was still breastfeeding her 15-month-old when she and her husband decided to try for another baby. Read her story to learn how Amber’s determination and Mira’s help helped her conceive.

They’d already spent over $20,000 on fertility treatments and 16 months trying to conceive. Thanks to Mira, 40-year-old Octavia conceived successfully.

After a series of losses and a rare blood clotting disorder diagnosis, with the help of Mira Kristie is expected her second miracle baby!

Submit Your Story of How You Got Pregnant Using Mira

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