Money Back Policy

Return Policy

The Company can issue a full refund if the Buyer requests a refund before the package ships. However, since most Mira products are time sensitive, the orders are typically processed quickly. Therefore, a fast turnaround occurs between placing the order and preparing the fulfillment.

The Buyer should reach out ASAP if they would like to cancel their order.

If the Buyer wants to return the product after it is shipped, the Buyer must keep it unopened, unused, and original. Unopened means the seals on the product box much be intact. And the Buyer should store the product in a dry environment between 4 ° to 30 °C (39 ° to 86 °F) and keep it away from direct sunlight.

The Buyer must contact the Mira Support team within 20 days after the product is delivered. Shipping and handling charges from the original order, including VAT or other customs fees, are non-refundable. If the Buyer requests a paid return label, the Company will deduct 15% of the product’s original price (available for the US only).

For non-US orders, the Buyer is responsible for shipping back the product.

Please Note: The Company cannot accept product returns based on the following:

  • If it has been 20 days past the product’s delivery.
  • If the seal is broken.
  • If the product has been used or tampered with.
  • If the product does not appear to be in its original condition.

The Buyer may cancel their subscription at any time. Please read this article carefully for more information on managing subscriptions. If the Buyer wants the Company to cancel the subscription, the Buyer must send the Company an explicit request at least 48 hours before the next order process date.

Please Note: Snoozing the subscription or changing the next order date will not cancel the subscription.


The Mira Analyzer is covered by a one-year limited warranty. This limited warranty applies for one (1) year from the date of purchase found on your receipt. Mira requires your original receipt to determine the warranty period. During the warranty period, Mira will either repair or replace (at its discretion) any defective Analyzer at no charge to you.

Please note: Our technical team will determine if the Analyzer is defective.