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As we continue to reach compelling milestones in the healthcare industry, we believe in the importance of partnership and collaboration. At the moment, we are searching for innovative, brave, and passionate long-term partners —those who will happily introduce Mira to their friends and customers and help us reach new horizons. Interested in joining us? Get to know us below.
How Mira Works

Our Products

Mira Fertility Plus Analyzer Kit includes:

  • Mira Fertility Analyzer
  • Deluxe Mira Carrying Pouch
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • 10 Individually Packaged Single-Use Mira Fertility Test Wands.
  • 10 Urine Containers

Mira Fertility Plus Wands Box (20 Qty), includes:

  • 20 Individually Packaged Single-Use Mira Fertility Test Wands
  • 20 Urine Containers
  • Quickstart Guide: Step-by-step instructions for everything you need to get started with Mira

Benefits of Partnering with Mira

  • #1 fertility tracker

The Mira Starter Kit is the #1 system in Fertility Tracking on Amazon. 800+ positive reviews on 96% of reviewers recommend Mira Fertility.

  • Future-forward products

The Mira Fertility Hormone Tracking System was designed to change lives. It helps couples and individuals trying to conceive identify the most accurate fertility window and get their timing right — without having to visit a doctor or lab for answers. With Mira, patients save their data into a single device and are able to share invaluable knowledge with their healthcare providers to make personalized health decisions.

  • Exceptional accuracy

The Mira App implements AI-powered algorithms to provide highly precise fertile window prediction. It analyzes customers’ actual hormone data with a 99%+ accuracy and maximizes the chances of conception.

  • Laboratory-grade data

We continue to make great improvements in the market with our lab-grade data. We implement the latest developments in science and technology to offer patients an accurate tool to track their health.

  • Latest developments in science and technology

We’re a team of biologists and engineers who strongly believe that science and technology should be used to improve users’ lives. We’re constantly leveraging the latest developments in digital health, machine learning, and AI-based analysis. We are dedicated to accelerating in-home health and making fertility tracking simple and accurate.

  • Suitable for every woman

Every woman is unique. This is why our quantitative hormone data is extremely useful to track any type of cycle and hormone imbalance.

  • Global company

Mira currently operates from different locations around the world, such as the US, UK, China, and others. Our team is international because we believe in global talent and global clients. Our logistic chain is optimized for fast shipping internationally.

  • Loyal worldwide customers

Ever since 2018, we’ve made more than 20,000 customers happy all over the world. We have recorded thousands of successful pregnancies.

  • Global customer care

Our experienced Tech and Customer Care teams help customers achieve their goals 24/7. With our excellent response-rate, we take care of our partners’ customers precisely.

  • Individual account manager for each distributor

Our partners receive continued support and collaboration from an individual Account Manager for customized assistance.

  • Start-package and after-sale brief

Every distributor receives a “Mira Start Package” which helps you learn more about Mira. To receive it, fill out the form below and our team will set up a call with you to further explain how to market Mira in your region.

  • Comprehensive marketing strategy and brand awareness

The Mira Marketing Team operates globally and works closely with PR agencies, influencers, opinion-makers, in more than 10 countries around the globe.

  • Educational content

At Mira, we work hard to provide accurate knowledge about fertility. We provide informative blog posts, webinars hosted by leading healthcare experts, awareness events, sponsorships, various collaborations with fertility professionals around the world, and more.

  • Responsive shipment process and strategically located warehouses

We offer flexible shipping options due to our multiple warehouses around the world. This way, both partners and customers conveniently save on shipping and time.


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