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Why use the Mira App?

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Cycle Tracking

Predict period and ovulation days, even without Mira Analyzer device

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Calendar & Logs

Monitor cycle, ovulation days and fertility activities by adding Logs

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Hormones Tracking

Automatically sync fertility hormone data from Mira Analyzer and explore Charts feature.

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Blog & Tips

Personalized tips appear in the app to help understand and control one’s fertility

Get the Mira Analyzer for More!

A new era for hormone tracking is here!

Reach your fertility goals faster with the most advanced, lab-quality fertility tracker on the market.

Get in sync with your body.

Understanding your fertility has never been easier. Track key hormone levels and get a fuller fertility picture to reach your goals.

Conceive faster.

Mira has helped more than 20,000 people conceive (and counting!). Our highly accurate cycle tracking system is proven to help you get pregnant faster.

Fertility awareness.

Mira helps you plan for the future by showing your fertile and non-fertile days based on your unique hormone cycle.