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Mira events are a great opportunity to learn more about your body and fertility together with female health experts.

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Fertility Coaching 101

Get personalized support during your fertility journey—learn more about Mira’s Fertility Coaching and how it can help you.

Hormones & Sex Drive: The Chemistry of Desire

Dive into our latest 15-minute webinar where you’ll explore the fascinating chemistry of desire and uncover the key hormones driving our libido.

Our Past Events

How to Get Pregnant in 2024: Trends & Tips

Join us for our highly anticipated webinar: you’ll hear from experts on the best ways to boost your fertility this year.

15 Minutes Into Your Hormones

Join us in our #15MinutesOfFertility series for our latest webinar: take a deep dive with Dr. Mitha into hormone health.

Unexplained Infertility: Your Guide To Clarity & Conception

Unexplained infertility can bring up a lot of emotions. In this webinar our guest OB/GYN will help you understand this diagnosis, and make a roadmap to conception.

First Steps To Fertility Success: Your Plan Starts Here

Unlock the secrets to a successful TTC journey! Join our Fertility Expert as she shares practical insights to kickstart your path to conception with confidence.

Food for Fertility: How Nutrition Helps You Conceive

Dive into our fresh new webinar series, Candid Fertility Talks: heartfelt conversations about fertility. No medical jargon—just genuine questions many of us have wondered about. In “Food for Fertility,” we dish out how nutrition can play a pivotal role in your TTC journey.

NFP Unplugged: Embracing Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Join us for a captivating webinar that delves deeply into Natural Family Planning (NFP). Explore the benefits and hurdles of NFP and how to identify the key fertility signs to monitor in your body.

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