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Mira events are a great opportunity to learn more about your body and fertility together with female health experts.

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Practical Strategies To Conceive After 35

Planning a pregnancy takes detailed planning—and this is even more important when you are trying to conceive after 35. In this free webinar, fertility expert Dr. Tara Brandner teaches you how about the changes in your body during this stage, how to incorporate healthy habits, and strategies to boost your conception chances.


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Rediscover Intimacy with your Partner While TTC

Couples trying to conceive can have a hard time reconnecting and igniting intimacy if they struggle with infertility. This webinar is perfect for you if you’re looking for strategies to reconnect with your partner, communicate on loving terms, and keep sex or intimacy fun and sweet.

Holiday Season: Finding your Happy Place While Trying to Conceive

The Holiday Season is the most cheerful season of all. But for those trying to conceive, the holiday season means a mailbox filled with friends’ “new baby” family cards, unsolicited advice from family members, and pictures of Santa with cute kids on their laps. Check out advice from our experts on how to handle these and other types of triggering situations.

Hormones and Mood Swings: Here’s how it really works.

Regulating your hormones and keeping them balanced with smart lifestyle choices and habits can improve your emotional health, resolve mood disorders, and help you feel a sense of vitality and well-being. In this webinar, our experts teach you exactly how to do that.

Webinar: PCOS Myths that need to be Debunked

Join this FREE webinar to debunk some popular PCOS myths like: “You can’t get pregnant if you have PCOS”, “There’s no treatment for PCOS”, “You can ignore your PCOS if you don’t want kids”, and more.

Webinar: What comes before menopause?

Join this FREE webinar to understand better perimenopause, and why you should learn more about it—especially in your 20s and 30s.

Webinar: Strategies to Increase Your IVF/ IUI Success

Re-watch this webinar to ensure you have enough information to embark on your IVF/IUI journey with a healthy and relaxed mindset.

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