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Mira events are a great opportunity to learn more about your body and fertility together with female health experts.

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Unexplained Infertility: Your Guide To Clarity & Conception

Unexplained infertility can bring up a lot of emotions. In this webinar our guest OB/GYN will help you understand this diagnosis, and make a roadmap to conception.


First Steps To Fertility Success: Your Plan Starts Here

Unlock the secrets to a successful TTC journey! Join our Fertility Expert as she shares practical insights to kickstart your path to conception with confidence.


Our Past Events

Food for Fertility: How Nutrition Helps You Conceive

Dive into our fresh new webinar series, Candid Fertility Talks: heartfelt conversations about fertility. No medical jargon—just genuine questions many of us have wondered about. In “Food for Fertility,” we dish out how nutrition can play a pivotal role in your TTC journey.

NFP Unplugged: Embracing Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Join us for a captivating webinar that delves deeply into Natural Family Planning (NFP). Explore the benefits and hurdles of NFP and how to identify the key fertility signs to monitor in your body.

Male Infertility: The Big Picture. How To Be (Really) Prepared When TTC

Male infertility is often disregarded and accompanied by a harmful stigma. In this webinar, we explore all the key aspects of male infertility, with empowering, practical strategies for those who are TTC.

Practical Strategies To Conceive After 35

Planning a pregnancy takes detailed planning—especially if you are TTC after 35. Learn how to spot the changes in your body during this stage, and boost your conception chances.

Rediscover Intimacy with your Partner While TTC

Couples trying to conceive can have a hard time reconnecting and igniting intimacy if they struggle with infertility. This webinar is perfect for you if you’re looking for strategies to reconnect with your partner.

Holiday Season: Finding your Happy Place While Trying to Conceive

The Holiday Season is the most cheerful season of all. But for those trying to conceive, it means a mailbox filled with friends’ “new baby” family card. Check out advice from our experts on how to handle these triggering situations.

Recent Articles

Getting Pregnant After 40: Difficulty, Risks, and How to Conceive

Most of us have heard about our biological clocks and perhaps some of you have felt it ticking away. Even so many women are waiting until later in life to start a family. So how difficult is it to get pregnant after 40?

Get Pregnant in 2024: Building Your Fertility Plan

As you head into 2024 with the goal of getting pregnant, here is a structured guide designed to help you navigate that process together.

A Guide to Basal Body Temperature and Ovulation (+BBT Chart)

In the 1930s, women began tracking their basal body temperature to predict ovulation. This fertility awareness method is still commonly used for natural family planning to prevent pregnancy. It’s not always easy to track your basal body temperature. Learning how to do it correctly is important for ovulation estimates. Read on for helpful tips and facts you should know about the BBT method.