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Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup AND make a difference for women’s health? We started Mira because we want to help women with their fertility journey, empower them with the best technology
and information, and help them to reach their fertility goals. Join our remote team and mission!

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Our Culture

Mira's team is a unique mix of cultures, solid expertise, and growing talents. We set audacious goals and achieve them because we believe in our capability to do that. In our culture, strong commitment, constant learning, and a spark of innovation are valued the most but we encourage difference as well as it drives creativity. We embrace diversity in all possible variations. Our activities are driven by our mission and simple but genuine desire to make this world a better place to live in.

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Our Values

We use science to help people

To many, science may seem like a faraway concept. But science makes an impact on our lives every day. And so, not long ago, we decided to use the power of science to impact the life of every couple and individual who yearns to create a family and improve their fertility health. And much like our customers, whose mission and desire is to bring life into this world, we are also driven and not afraid to break boundaries to reach our goals.

We’re committed

Commitment is at the root of Mira. Not only are we committed to our mission, but we are also committed to communicating with our friends and customers in a mindful, knowledgeable way. We believe that in today’s world, commitment is fundamental to continue empowering one another. This is why Mira was founded with diversity, inclusion, and a variety of cultural backgrounds in mind, to bring fertility and health a unique perspective — and influencing all the work that we do.

We spark innovation

Mira was founded on the belief that women, couples, and individuals deserve to reach their goals faster by using science as their support. This is why we continue expanding our horizons, challenging ourselves, and dreaming big things for the fem-tech industry.

We’re always learning

There are always new and exciting discoveries in science — and that’s the beauty of it. At Mira, we’re open to trying new things and not afraid of failure. We’re open to change. And we’re not scared to step over the edge to gain a broader perspective.

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Want to challenge yourself at a high-growth startup and make a difference for women’s health? Apply today and help changing lives tomorrow!

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