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Let's compare Mira to OPKs

Mira Monitor
Generic OPK
Numeric hormone values
6-day fertile window detection
AI-powered cycle analysis on a free app
Irregular cycle & PCOS friendly
Fast, non-invasive, discreet, and easy to use

Stop guessing

Your fertility shouldn't come down to a blurry line. It's time to get real-time insights about your hormones.

Track your hormones with lab-quality without spending a fortune

  • Up to 100% proven correlation with blood testing.
  • 6X more accurate compared to the calendar method.

Save time, money, and get the full picture: 6-day fertile window, confirm your ovulation, and see real-time charts & insights.

But OPKs are cheaper

They are. But feeling truly confident in your fertility journey is priceless.

  • Minimize your stress and get pregnant faster
  • Check real-time hormone scores and understand what's happening in your body
  • Forget old-school methods. Technology makes the difference!

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Let's compare Mira to Clinical Blood Testing

Mira Monitor
Clinical Blood Testing
Numeric hormone values
Hormone mapping on our free app
6-day fertile window tracking
Powerful AI technology for more insights
Irregular cycle & PCOS friendly
Fast, non-invasive, discreet, and easy to use

Blood tests are expensive, invasive, and only give you a one-day overview of your hormones

We designed Mira to act as your own at-home mini lab. It's easy to use, non-invasive, and gives you real-time results about your hormones.

Did you know? A recent study shows testing with Mira is 100% as accurate as blood testing!

Let’s compare Mira VS Other Fertility Trackers

We did the homework for you and compared some fertility trackers here:

Mira Fertility Starter Kit Modern Fertility Hormone Test Ava Fertility Basic Kegg.tech Clearblue Fertility Monitor Proov Predict & Confirm™ Kit Inito Starter Kit The Oova Kit
Product AI-Powered fertility monitor + Test wands Single-use blood testing kit Fertility bracelet Kegel ball and fertility tracker Fertility Monitor + Test Stick Test strips Fertility Monitor that connects to smartphone + Test Strips Test strips
How does it work? Urine testing Blood testing Sensor testing Cervical fluid testing Urine testing Urine testing Urine testing Urine testing
Invasive? No No No No No No No No
What hormones does it test LH, E3G, PdG, FSH. Soon: hCG LH, AMH, TSH, FSH, E2, FT4, PRL LH, E3G LH, PdG LH, Estrogen, PdG, FSH LH, PdG
Starter Kit Price $199 $179 $279 $259 $119.98 $39 $149 $159,99
Restock price from $40 for 20 wands $159 (same kit) $41.98 for 30 sticks $39 (same kit) $49 for 15 strips $135.99 for 15 strips
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What makes Mira different?

Mira’s technology doesn’t depend on external factors for accuracy

Phone cameras are for selfies—not hormone testing. Relying on your phone’s software version, your camera’s quality, or lighting results in false positives, inaccurate readings, and faulty tests—it’s proven.

Our Mira Wands are 100% science-backed

They aren’t the magical kind—but they could be. Mira uses groundbreaking patent-pending technology. The built-in chip eliminates inconsistencies, and if you hit a snag during a test, other trackers will show you false results—while Mira points out the error. We will not misinform you.

Mira can help if you have PCOS or irregular cycles

56% of users with PCOS got pregnant within the 1st year of using Mira.

Our technology is ultra-sensitive and our hormone ranges are higher

Mira is proven to reach impressively HIGH hormone ranges and pick up on the smallest hormone changes in your body. This is useful if you have irregular cycles or hormone imbalances.

Mira’s AI is state-of-the-art

Trained and optimized on 4M+ hormone data points, Mira’s smart technology gets smarter every day. Our AI learns about your cycle patterns and evaluates results without needing a fixed threshold.

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