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Thousands of women trust Mira to track their actual hormones levels to know exactly when their fertile window is. With this knowledge they can understand unique hormone baseline levels, and make important decisions related to their health and family planning.

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Join our mission to empower thousands of women to have a better understanding of their fertility and health:

• Encourage more people to learn about their cycles or know how to get pregnant faster if trying to conceive.
• Recommend Mira to your audience.
• Receive a $20 commission cash-back for your referral!*

*Different commission structures might apply to content creators, healthcare professionals, mass media, and coupon/shopping platforms. Mira leaves right to change commissions and terms without prior notice.


How do I join the Mira Club?

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For every person you refer that purchases Mira Starter Kit through your referral link, you will earn a
$20 commission and your referral Mira customer automatically receives a 10% discount.
We have some affiliates who have made over $3,000 in commissions from this year alone!
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Is Mira right for your audience?

If your audience is interested in wellness, fitness, nutrition, sex, family planning and parenting, or any topics related to women’s health, Mira is a great match.

Menstrual cycles play a key role in physical condition, mood and body functioning. There are a limited number of days per cycle when a woman can conceive. Tracking your fertility hormones and knowing exactly when these fertile days occur is essential to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. Designed with irregular cycles in mind, Mira analyzes quantitative hormone levels to give you accurate insights on a fertile window for ones with variable cycles or PCOS.

Why Mira?

Mira is the first women’s health company that is able to provide this easy-to-use solution, giving women a comprehensive picture of their cycle and health. Through a clinical trial conducted with multiple hospitals, the Mira Analyzer was found to be equivalent in performance to leading laboratory grade readers.

The Mira Fertility tracker uses AI to learn female’s changing hormone patterns. This put together in a highly personalized and accurate ovulation prediction, gives Mira’s customers specific fertility advice. Mira is FDA approved and FSA/HAS qualified. Financing for buying a Mira Starter Kit is also available.

What Makes Mira Different

No More Missed Peaks

The Mira method of analyzing fertility hormones gives you specific fertility hormone concentration levels, rather than the traditional ‘smiley face’ approach. Mira is different from all other OPK’s because Mira gives actual hormone concentrations with 99% accuracy.

More Fertile Days

Basal body temperature (BBT) increases after ovulation. In contrast, Mira’s lab-graded technology gives actual hormone concentrations and detects the entire fertile window up to 5 days before ovulation! Moreover, BBTchanges due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Mira learns your cycle, providing personalized ovulation detection for variable cycles.


• To sign up as an Affiliate of and to use the Service as an Affiliate Partner you must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age, and supply a valid tax-id, which may be your social security number for individuals, or a federal tax-id for corporations or entities;
• Your discount can’t be combined with other promotions;
• Discount and referral program are only valid for purchases from Mira website;
• Don’t try to cheat or buy with a referral for yourself;
• If product is returned, your commission from this sale will be voided;
• Please remember about taxes, which you need to report and pay according to the regulations of your country
• Mira leaves right to change these rules without prior notice.
• Commissions are paid in US dollars only and converted to your local currency by Impact during the payment process.

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