A New Era For
Fertility Tracking
Is Here

Track key fertility hormones, get numerical results and scores, pinpoint ovulation and see a 6-day fertile window. All with 99% lab-grade accuracy.

Mira Maximizes
your Fertility

Coming soon: A new Mira Wand that helps you navigate your journey smoothly.

Trying to Conceive and Confused?

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the Science
Behind Mira

Mira measures your hormones and translates them to numbers you can understand. Its next-gen technology makes it easy to get accurate, lab-quality results from home.

What is Mira

Mira is the only one of its kind for fertility tracking, see why

We’re Different From the Rest

Identifies Ovulation Sooner

Track your full cycle and get updates on your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and crystal clear insights.

Get Numeric Hormone Data

With Mira Fertility Plus and Mira Fertility Confirm, pinpoint the exact number of LH, E3G and PdG levels, trends, and understand how they relate to one another. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the best (and only) solution on the market of this caliber — and it works wonders for irregular cycles and
PCOS too.

Discover Hormone Patterns

Receive personalized insights and cycle analysis straight from the app and our support team. Our App is free and you gain access to the Mira community, fertility education, bonuses, and other perks.

How Mira Works

Get pregnant faster

Get pregnant faster through accurate and personalized cycle tracking.

Know your body

By monitoring key hormone levels, you get a better understanding of your fertility and health.

Fertility Awareness

Mira shows you both fertile and non-fertile days based on your unique hormone cycle.

How to Use Mira

Step 1

Dip the test wand into urine for 10 seconds — expect to test 10-20 times per cycle.

Step 2

Insert the wand into the Mira Analyzer.

Step 3

Watch as the App’s advanced algorithm provides highly accurate & personalized information about your fertility window.

More Than 30 000 Women Conceived with Mira

“Mira was super helpful with timing intercourse to get pregnant. I used to use the one with the smiley face, I used that one for about 8 months without luck. 2 months with Mira we got a positive!”


Mira is Backed by Experts

See what experts in the medical field are saying about Mira

Your fertility journey
starts now

Understand the full scope of your cycle, trends, and actual hormone concentrations. Say goodbye to guesswork, and hello to more confident decisions — and freedom.

The Mira App

Mira is more than just a hormone tracker - it’s an all-in-one fertility tracking system that automatically syncs, records, and explains your fertility hormone data in a way that is easy to understand.

Discover the Science Behind Mira

Next-generation Technology

The Mira Fertility system uses the power of high-precision fluorescent-based testing to provide accurate and reliable fertile window predictions. With only 2.6 inches in width, the Mira Analyzer is practical for at-home and on-the-go testing.

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