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Quanovate Tech Inc
5424 Sunol Blvd
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Business Inquires

We offer affiliate program Mira Club for our partners, customers, influencers and media! If you are interested in collaboration or want to promote Mira in your channels, email us at [email protected] 


Media Inquires

We are happy to provide the latest updates. Want to learn more about Mira or ask for an interview? Please reach out at [email protected]


Customer support

Use the chat window at the bottom of the page to submit your request or email us at [email protected]


Healthcare Professionals

Mira helps medical providers, fertility clinics and doctors have a full picture of patients’ health. Mira expands hormones analysis from laboratory to an one-stop-solution at home. Reach out us at [email protected] to learn more how Mira can be helpful for your practice.