Our Story

Our Mission

We started Mira because we want to help women with their fertility journey, empower them with the best technology and information, and help them to reach their fertility goals.

Many women face fertility challenges when they try to start a family. The younger generations now have much more delayed maternal age than their parents. The lack of awareness and information about our own fertility levels gives women tons of guesswork during their trying-to-conceive (TTC) journey. In the US, 40%+ TTC couples took longer than three months to conceive.

Mira set out to change this situation and give women accurate fertility knowledge in an affordable way. Every woman and every cycle is unique. Our fertility level and hormones change every day. Unlike other fertility products which give women a positive or negative estimation, Mira tracks the actual fertility hormone concentrations and show women their unique hormone curve.

Mira is the first FDA and CE registered comprehensive women’s health monitoring platform with 99% accuracy in clinical trials. Mira shrinks lab equipment to a palm-sized device, bringing the accuracy of lab tests to the comfort of your home. The data automatically syncs with the Mira app. The AI learns personal health patterns. And above all, we empower you with the information you need to know exactly when you are fertile and infertile. Mira tracks cycles and predicts ovulation. Mira’s future tests monitor fetal health, measure ovarian reserve and detect menopause at home.

“I believe all women should have a better understanding and control of their own health and life planning. We are here to help every woman achieve her fertility goals.”

— Sylvia M. Kang, Co-Founder and CEO

How We Started

We started with a team of scientists, engineers, and OBGYN doctors who aim to use technology to improve people’s life. In 2018, Mira exhibited and spoke at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest worldwide high tech and innovation event for consumer technologies, where Mira was awarded as the “Best Startup of CES 2018”. In that September, Mira won one of the five finalists at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018, the largest and most famous startup competition in the world. We launched our first product, Mira Fertility there, which measures the actual Luteinizing Hormone (LH) level, that most accurate and medically endorsed indicator of ovulation, at home.

Mira Today

Today, Mira is an international company headquartered in Pleasanton, California. Mira sells worldwide and ranked as the #1 fertility tracker on Amazon Wishlist. Thousands of women around the globe have used Mira to get pregnant or know when they are fertile or non-fertile. Every day, we receive success stories from women in their 20’s to their 40’s, who got pregnant with Mira, including women who’ve struggled with irregular cycles and PCOS. Many healthcare professionals are impressed by Mira’s technology.


Mira is far more than a fertility tracker

Recently, Mira launched test wands that measure actual Estrogen levels (Mira Fertility Plus). Together with LH test, these wands provide even more accurate knowledge into a woman’s fertility level and cycle, discover deep insights into the fertile window and ovulation confirmation, and discovering red flags such as hormone imbalances, irregular cycles, and PCOS early. Medical doctors are bringing Mira into natural family planning studies. Mira is launching the Progesterone test wands very soon! 

Mira wants to be your family health monitoring tool

In future years, Mira plans to expand the system’s AI-powered analysis and testing capabilities. We believe our technology can provide users with critical knowledge about their bodies and health, including chronical disease, infectious disease, vitamin level, influenza, allergen test, kidney health, thyroid hormones, gout, and general wellness monitoring, such as weight loss and stress management.

At Mira, we are dedicated to improving people’s lives, and making products that empower people to become more actively involved in managing their health.

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Healthcare Professionals

Mira helps medical providers, fertility clinics and doctors have a full picture of patients’ health. Mira expands hormones analysis from laboratory to an one-stop-solution at home. Reach out us at [email protected] to learn more how Mira can be helpful for your practice.

Order Your Mira Plus Today

Track your whole cycle and what is happening with your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and clear insights. Let Mira take the guesswork out of tracking all fertile days and infertile days.

Order Your Mira Plus Today

Track your whole cycle and what is happening with your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and clear insights. Let Mira take the guesswork out of tracking all fertile days and infertile days.