Mira Club For Influencers

Would you like to be a part of Mira Club? Share your experience with others and get rewarded. Be an innovator by supporting modern health technology and something you believe in!

At Mira, we’re always on the lookout for exciting influencers, who are sharing the same mission with us – to empower thousands of women to have a better understanding of their fertility and health.

Mira is the next step in fertility tracking and analysis, and we would like to invite you to join us in our mission, because we believe that influencers are playing a major role in awareness and can be a great source of information for our existing and future customers.

Why Mira?

Mira is the first women’s health company that is able to provide this easy-to-use solution, giving women a comprehensive picture of their cycle and health. Through a clinical trial conducted with multiple hospitals, the Mira Analyzer was found to be equivalent in performance to leading laboratory-grade readers.

Mira is the only fertility tracker that gives actual numbers of LH, estrogen and launches even more hormones! The Mira Fertility Hormone Tracking System was designed to change lives. It helps couples and individuals trying to conceive identify the most accurate fertility window and get their timing right — without having to visit a doctor or lab for answers.

With Mira, patients save their data into a single device and are able to share invaluable knowledge with their healthcare providers to make personalized health decisions.

Who Qualifies For Influencers Mira Club?

If your audience is interested in wellness, fitness, nutrition, sex, family planning, and parenting, or any topics related to family’s health, Mira is a great match. Influencers around the world can join Mira Club. We are looking for perfect ambassadors in different countries.

During this process we are carefully choosing influencers by certain criteria. It’s an internal process which might take some time. To be qualified, you need to have a Social Media account. It can be a YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest or blog (or all of them at the same time!).

Mira Influencers Team will look at your number of followers, engagement rate, and other important statistics, and you will get an email in case you have been qualified.

How Do I Get Started?

Want to join Mira Club and promote the Mira Fertility tracker on your social media? We will be happy to check your application form!

  • Provide us some more details about your Social Media project and our Team will get back to you if you’re a good match for us.
  • We will discuss our collaboration in detail, exchange ideas and create some great content for your audience. Also, you will receive a Proposal and Brief, which will give you all important information about Mira and our goals.
  • During the process our Team will be assisting with any questions. If you don’t receive a reply from us within 7 days, unfortunately, we are not able to collaborate at this time, but please feel free to try one more time after three months.

What Is The Mira Affiliate Program?

We are happy to offer for you Mira’s Affiliate Program, which was designed with thoughts about influencers. Encourage more people to learn about their cycles or know how to get pregnant faster if trying to conceive. Recommend Mira to your audience. Receive a commission cash-back for your referral!

How Do I Join The Mira Affiliate Program?

  • 1Sign Up here
  • 2Confirm your email address and get approval from Impact and Mira (this can take 2-3 days)
  • 3Get your unique link and copy it.
  • 4Spread the word about Mira.
  • 5Don’t forget to tell your audience about the link or use it in your content!
  • 6Get email notifications about new referral orders through your link and request payout at any time.