Smart Fertility for LGBTQ+ Families

If you identify as LGBTQ+, Mira can help you plan for conception.

Get in-depth cycle insights, predict your ovulation day, see a 6-day fertile window, and get fertility scores. Share your data with your fertility doctors and time your fertility treatments accurately.

Mira is your guide to parenthood

Each fertility journey is unique. That’s why Mira gives you lab-quality, 99% accurate results so you can navigate your journey to parenthood with data—and peace of mind.

How Does Mira Work?

Mira measures 3 key fertility hormones through urine: LH, E3G and PdG.

Cycle Tracking

Whether you're planning to conceive or not, plan your fertility with confidence. Track your cycle, understand your hormones, and reach your goals.

At-home IUI

Conceiving through at-home IUI is intimate and wonderful. Time your IUI accurately by pinpointing your ovulation day and 6 most fertile days with Mira.

Fertility treatments

Fertility treatments are expensive and might require various rounds to achieve conception. Use Mira's lab-quality hormone results, share results with your doctors, and monitor your treatment precisely.


Reach your parenting goals faster. Pinpoint when your surrogate should undergo treatment. Mira tracks three key fertility hormones (LH, E3G, and PdG) to predict & confirm ovulation.

The chances of conceiving through IUI are 15% to 20%

Increase your chances with Mira. Plan ahead, share your hormone results, and time your treatments accurately.

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Ready to give your fertility journey the accuracy it deserves? Let Mira’s AI-powered technology help you conceive faster.


How do I choose my first Mira Kit? Which Bundle is best for me?

Can we use a single Mira Analyzer together with my partner?

How do I know which wands I need?

If our/my surrogate uses Mira, can I get access to their charts?

I Took 14 Pregnancy Tests and Still Didn’t Believe I Was Pregnant

Mira was super helpful with timing intercourse to get pregnant. I used to use the one with the smiley face, I used that one for about 8 months without luck. 2 months with Mira we got a positive!


LGBTQ+ Parents who used Mira

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