Mira’s Editorial Process was last updated on February 19, 2024

Mira’s Editorial Process

All Mira content— blog articles, product pages, social media posts, graphics, app content, and more, is evidence-based and reviewed by experts. It’s our mission to present readers with factual information that is both clinically relevant and grounded in the latest scientific research.

Different in-house hubs of specialists are involved in the content creation process, including medical doctors, professional writers and editors, legal advisors, and communications specialists.

Research from Trusted Sources

Research is the very first step in our content creation process. Before any words hit the page, our writers and editors consult reputable scientific sources, medical journals, research institutions, universities, and health experts. This ensures that all information is up-to-date and clinically accurate. Our goal is to provide readers with content that is both informative and trustworthy.

Each piece of content at Mira is researched using primary sources of medical and scientific data: internationally recognized organizations and institutions like nhs.uk, who.int, mayoclinic.org, and hms.harvard.edu; and peer-reviewed articles from credible databases, such as cdc.gov, acog.org, womenshealth.gov, health.gov, and nih.gov.

Topic Selection

We understand that the hormone landscape is vast and ever-evolving. Our editorial team carefully selects topics based on relevance, reader interest, and the latest advancements in hormone research. We aim to cover a spectrum of subjects, from basic hormonal functions to complex health issues, catering to readers with varying levels of knowledge.

Writing Process

Our writers prioritize clarity without sacrificing scientific accuracy. This ensures that even complex health-related concepts are presented in an approachable manner. Each piece is structured in a way that guides readers through each topic seamlessly.

Fact-Checking: Medical and Peer Review

To guarantee the highest standards of medical accuracy, each piece of content for the Mira App or website undergoes a meticulous review by a medical professional from our medical board.

This step ensures that our information aligns with current medical guidelines and practices – providing readers with relevant and reliable insights into hormonal health.

In each article, you’ll find a link to the profile of the medical professional who reviewed it.

Legal Compliance and Regulations

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to safeguarding the privacy and security of our users’ data. We uphold stringent data privacy regulations to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information entrusted to us. As part of this commitment, we adhere to legal guidelines when delivering health-related information to our users. Our dedicated compliance team at Mira conducts thorough reviews of all content to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Periodic Content Review

When new information from scientific discoveries and new clinical standards becomes available, our content undergoes revision and validation by our medical review panel.

We Value Your Feedback 💚

At Mira, we want to provide you with content that is reliable, accurate, and approachable so that you feel empowered to navigate the complex realm of hormone health.

If you have any feedback, questions, concerns, or thoughts – please let us know! We are here to listen, and we value all feedback. Your input helps us continuously improve so that we can address the specific topics that matter most to you.