Mira vs. Proov: Choosing the best fertility tracker for your goals

You may think that we will tell you that Mira is better because you're on our website. And you’re right; we are. Mira is better than Proov—but not because we say so; our science can back this up. First, our technology is exclusive to our product, and phone cameras are for selfies, not hormone tracking.

  • Mira offers exclusive technology to avoid false positives
  • Predict your 6-day fertile window and confirm your ovulation.
  • Get numeric hormone results (LH, E3G, PdG, FSH).
  • See hormone trends in our easy-to-understand charts.

Over 80K

people have chosen Mira to guide their fertility journey.


of people trying to conceive got pregnant after 6 cycles of using Mira.

Why Mira is superior to Proov

Mira Analyzer
Hormone testing
Numeric hormone results
See your results in actual, real-time numbers.
Shows you ovulation score based on the color of the test line
PCOS & hormone imbalance is friendly
Higher hormone ranges, ultra-sensitive technology & AI that learns about your peaks.
Limited flexibility and lower hormone ranges.
Dependable technology
Captures actual hormones—not a picture of them.
Relies on camera quality and lighting for accuracy.
Multiple testing per day
Register one test per day.
Multiple testing per day
The built-in chip eliminates inconsistencies and notifies errors.
May show you false results based on incorrect readings.

Our users are loving Mira

Get lab accuracy from the comfort of home

Testing with Mira is 100% as accurate as blood testing at the lab when you combine LH, E3G, and PdG measurements.

If you have PCOS or an irregular cycle — Mira can help

56% of users with PCOS got pregnant within the 1st year of using Mira. We use ultra-sensitive technology to reach higher hormone ranges and pick up on the tiniest changes in your body.

Mira’s AI is state-of-the-art

Trained and optimized on 4M+ hormone data points (and counting), Mira gets smarter every day and learns from your unique hormone patterns—not a fixed threshold.

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