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Mira events are a great opportunity to learn more about your body and fertility together with female health experts.

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Webinar: PCOS Myths that need to be Debunked

Join this FREE webinar to debunk some popular PCOS myths like: “You can’t get pregnant if you have PCOS”, “There’s no treatment for PCOS”, “You can ignore your PCOS if you don’t want kids”, and more.

Webinar: What comes before menopause?

Join this FREE webinar to understand better perimenopause, and why you should learn more about it—especially in your 20s and 30s.

Webinar: Strategies to Increase Your IVF/ IUI Success

Re-watch this webinar to ensure you have enough information to embark on your IVF/IUI journey with a healthy and relaxed mindset.

Webinar: How to Embrace Sadness on Your Fertility Journey

Join this webinar to learn how to accept sadness and work with it to make your fertility journey a healthier one.

Webinar: Explaining Unexplained Infertility

Join our FREE webinar to learn what does Unexplained Infertility actually mean, and can you still conceive with this diagnosis.

Webinar “How science & tech empower fertility”

Watch our FREE webinar to celebrate Women’s Day with us and learn how to use science for fertility.

Webinar “Self-Love & Fertility”

Watch our FREE webinar to find out why positive self-talk is so essential for your fertility journey and how to put it into practice.

Virtual Retreat “How to Boost Your Fertility”

In celebration of World Fertility Day, we’re hosting a FREE Virtual Retreat.

Webinar “Getting Pregnant After 35”

Our experts are here to guide you and teach you the many ways you can improve your fertility after 35.

Webinar “How to Balance Your Estrogen and Progesterone”

Watch our webinar to learn about roles of estrogen + progesterone in the body for overall health and fertility.

Webinar “Male Fertility Challenges and How to Address Them”

Whether you’re male or have a male partner looking for fertility solutions — join our free webinar!

Webinar “Struggling With TTC When Everyone Else Is Pregnant”

Watch our free webinar to learn how to manage your TTC journey through mental health & self-care techniques when everyone else around you just… seems to have it easier.

Webinar “How NFP Can Help You When Planning Your Family Goals”

In this free webinar, we have the honor to talk to Monica Rincon, a health professional and an expert in NFP methods.

Webinar “How to Increase Your Sex Drive While Trying to Conceive”

In this webinar Coach Kela Smith and Dr. Shawn Haywood talked about everything you need to know about sex drive and hormones.


Webinar “TTC in 2021: Using At-Home Tests and Fertility Treatments”

On this webinar, we discussed TTC in 2021 and non-traditional methods such as at-home tests and fertility treatments.

Webinar “How to Reduce TTC Stress and Boost Your Fertility”

On this webinar with Kat Stevens, Fertility Coach and Founder of the Fertility Rewire Programme, we dived into emotions and their impact on fertility.

Webinar “Hormone Balance and Breast Health”

In this panel discussion dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month we talked about how hormones impact your breast health.

Webinar “Getting Off Hormonal Birth Control”

In this webinar, hosted by Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, Lead Physician at Parsley Health Los Angeles, we will teach you exactly HOW to get off birth control.

Webinar “How Age Matters For Your Fertility”

On this webinar with Dr. Marc Sklar, “The Fertility Expert”, we discussed the most important concerns around fertility and aging.

Webinar “The Fertility Hormones Tracking for NFP”

Watch this webinar to learn about the role of estrogen in women’s bodies and the benefits of tracking it.

Webinar “Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage”

Watch our conversation about getting pregnant after a miscarriage with the brilliant Lauren Rubal, MD, FACOG Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility.

Webinar “How to Maximise Your Chances of Conception with PCOS”

Watch our free webinar with Dr. Amina Hersi, a general practitioner, MBBS ibSc.

Webinar “PCOS, Fertility & Hormone Tracking”

Watch our webinar about PCOS, Fertility & Hormone tracking Robyn Srigley A.K.A The Hormone Diva, a women’s holistic health coach, and Dr. Li-Shei. Lin, a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist.

Webinar “Age & PCOS: How Aging Affects Your Chances to Get Pregnant”

Watch our free webinar with Dr. Heather Huddleston, Director of the UCSF PCOS Clinic.

Webinar “How to Love Your Hormones with PCOS”

Check out this free webinar “How to Love Your Hormones with PCOS” and learn some exciting insights from our fertility coaches: Robyn, The Hormone Diva & Despina Pavlou, The PCOS Oracle.

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