5 Fertility Meditations if You’re TTC (+ Videos to Help You Get Started)

by Jul 15, 2021

Getting pregnant demands your full attention and one of the most important things you can do for your fertility is to optimize your physical and mental health.

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Managing stress plays an essential role in improving your overall sense of well-being. While stress may not be the source of your fertility issues, it can contribute to ovulatory infertility — and it certainly doesn’t make the process of trying to conceive (TTC) any easier.

Meditation has powerful effects on the mind and body when it comes to alleviating the stress associated with infertility. Read on to learn how you can get started with fertility meditation!

Can Fertility Meditations Really Help if You’re TTC?

Yes!  While fertility meditations won’t actually help you get pregnant, they will help calm your body and get you in the right emotional state to reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can have a negative impact on your fertility journey.

Benefits of Fertility Meditations

If you are TTC, you are probably paying more attention to your body’s health. You have the ovulation trackers, you have researched fertility diets, and you have seen a doctor to evaluate your physical health. But what have you done to support the other side of the equation: your mental health? 

The benefits of meditation can help prepare your mind and body for parenthood. It is a mind-body journey to conception, and improving your mental health naturally translates to improved physical health. For that reason, fertility meditation could be an important part of TTC. 

Here are some of the benefits of meditation for better health:

Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression

Studies show that mindfulness meditation can improve people’s subjective experience of anxiety, depression, and pain. People who meditate also reported better overall mental health and quality of life.

Better emotional health

Your emotional health refers to your self-esteem and general outlook on life. Some studies show that mindfulness meditation decreases the frequency of negative thoughts, helping you develop a more positive worldview.

Reduced inflammation

Inflammatory cytokines are chemicals released in the body in response to stress. A review of several studies shows that meditation may decrease inflammation by reducing the number of cytokines circulating in the body.

Increased self-awareness

One of the primary goals of meditation is to increase awareness of yourself, your emotions, and your physical sensations. Studies show that certain types of meditation exercise your self-awareness by increasing perspective and inviting self-inquiry.

Improved sleep

Sleep is more important than you may think when it comes to getting pregnant. Research has found that women who get less than seven hours of sleep per night are 15% less likely to conceive. Luckily, studies show that meditation can improve insomnia, helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Decreased blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to dangerous complications during pregnancy, such as eclampsia. One meta-analysis of 12 studies found that transcendental meditation may be an effective short-term intervention for treating high blood pressure.

5 Meditations for Fertility

Meditating on your own, without any guidance, can be intimidating — especially for beginners. That’s why we love these five guided fertility meditations, all of which are available for free on YouTube. Check out these videos to try your hand at fertility meditation and find out if meditating could help you conceive.

10-Minute Fertility Meditation to Invite Your Baby Into Your Womb

This 10-minute meditation by yoga instructor Brett Larkin is easy to incorporate into your day (you can also check out our list of fertility yoga poses and routines). Her meditation incorporates pranayama, or yogic breathing, techniques, as well as positive affirmations to help you approach the process of TTC with self-compassion.

10-Min Fertility Meditation To Invite Your Baby Into Your Womb (+Affirmations)

Guided Fertility Meditation (Yoga Nidra)

As we mentioned before, a good night’s sleep is essential for your reproductive health. The goal of yoga nidra, a type of yogic meditation, is to guide the body into a sleep-like state, without losing consciousness. This one by Bettina Rae was made especially for boosting fertility and will help you feel more rested at any time of day.

Guided Fertility Meditation // Yoga Nidra to sleep better and reduce anxiety

Awakening Fertility Meditation to Activate Ovulation

Can meditation actually activate ovulation? Maybe not, but stress can certainly interfere with regular ovulation, leading to anovulatory infertility. Listen to the sounds of fertility expert Fiona Boulton’s soothing voice to instantly feel more relaxed and encourage regular ovulation.

Awakening Fertility meditation to activate ovulation

Two-Week Wait Relaxation Meditation

If you have been TTC for a while, you probably are deeply familiar with the two-week wait (TWW). The TWW can be one of the most stressful times when trying to get pregnant — and this meditation was made especially for calming your nerves and releasing control during this period of anxiety.

🌟Two Week Wait (TWW)- Free Relaxation Meditation🌟

My Fertility Coach Visualization: The Morning Garden

Meditating first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. This fertility meditation from My Fertility Coach can help you set gentle intentions for your fertility journey and your day. Plus, it’s only five minutes long, making it the perfect length for a busy morning!

My Fertility Coach Visualization: The Morning Garden

How to Start Fertility Meditation

If you aren’t sure what type of meditation is best for you, you may want to start by researching a few different options. For example, if you enjoy being active, then movement meditation might be your best fit. If you find peace in quiet time, then focused attention meditation might be better.

Pick one to try and build it into your schedule. Give it some time to see if it is a good fit, whether you are feeling the benefits and enjoying the practice. Consistency is key: remember that meditation is meant to be an ongoing part of your life. If you aren’t enjoying it, you won’t stick with it.

Here are a few more resources to get you started:

It might take a few tries to find a meditation practice that fits your lifestyle and needs. Don’t give up and don’t stress about it. Reducing your stress is the whole point of this exercise, after all!

Written by Fertility Nutrition Hub

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