Research: Improving The Prediction Accuracy Of Ovulation Day

by Oct 23, 2020

Combining the LH hormone measurements, cycle information, and intelligent algorithms, the prediction accuracy of ovulation day can be greatly improved compared with the calendar method.

Mira Fertility Plus

According to the research, the luteinizing hormone (LH) is produced during the female’s menstrual cycle and is closely related to ovulation, therefore the peak LH is as an indicator of ovulation. An algorithm for predicting the ovulation day was established based on the users’ LH hormone test results and information of their cycles. With a new test device, Mira, and the algorithm, the accuracy of ovulation prediction was greatly improved. The more cycles a woman tests her LH hormone with this method, the higher accuracy the ovulation day prediction is.

This research was presented by Mira Ferility at the Congress of the American Society for Assisted Reproduction (ASRM). The ASRM Congress is one of the most important assisted reproduction appointments in the world, in which professionals from all over the world meet every year to shape the future of reproductive medicine. The theme of the 2020 Scientific Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine was “Dynamic Collaborations in Reproductive Medicine.”


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