“With Mira, I was able to get the timing right and successfully become pregnant”

by Jun 5, 2020

With many different products on the market to help women trying to conceive, finding the right product for you can be a challenge.

Cate A

The Mira Fertility and Ovulation tracking system is easy to use. With our smart health tracking platform to help you get the most accurate information when trying to conceive. Our system helps women feel more confident and comfortable with their cycle. 

In this article, we share with you four stories of how our system has helped women on their journey to conceiving.

The Mira Fertility system helps you in 4 ways, with precision ovulation prediction, figuring out your peak, helps you save time and money, and will work even if your cycle is irregular.

“Mira helped track my ovulation so that I could successfully conceive with my donor”

I’m a healthy 35-year-old student that was trying to conceive through insemination. Prior to using Mira, I tried using the free apps you could download to try and figure out ovulation dates and pair them with traveling to my donor that lived 12 hours away.  The algorithms were off so I could never time it just right. When you’re traveling 12 hours away, not only can it become stressful but it can also be expensive. With the use of Mira, I was able to get the timing right and successfully become pregnant. Overall Mira was easy to use and very accurate. – Cate A, 35 years old.

“I honestly don’t think anything could have done better than Mira”

I’m a 34-year-old healthy woman with no underlying health issues. Before Mira, I struggled to conceive for up to a year. I found myself extremely frustrated with ovulation apps because they did not time my ovulation accurately. As someone that wanted to start a family as soon as possible, I was frustrated with the uncertainty of the traditional apps and urine test. Using Mira, I was able to track down to the exact day I ovulated. The phone app was easy to use and amazing. Thanks to Mira we were finally able to conceive.  – Anonymous, 34 years old.

  • Precise ovulation prediction: The Mira Fertility tracker uses AI to learn your hormone patterns. This allows our system to give you an accurate ovulation prediction instead of using a one size fit all calculation for every woman.
  • Don’t miss another peak day.  Our proven method of ovulation tracking gives your specific hormone concentration levels, instead of a smiley face or dark line that still leaves you with more questions than answers.

“Mira helped me conceive in just 2 cycles after trying to conceive for 5 months.”

The Mira Fertility system helped me conceive in just 2 cycles after spending months trying to figure out when I was ovulating. Using traditional ovulation sticks I had a hard time catching my surge and each time ended up missing it. Mira made it easy to figure out ovulation helped us successfully conceive in 2 cycles. – Anonymous, 32 years old.

  • Mira works for you even if your cycles are irregular: Our system is designed with irregular cycles in mind. The Mira system analyzes your hormone levels to give you accurate insight into your fertile window and ovulation.

“Mira made it easier to understand my cycles after using birth control for 10 years”

Before trying out Mira, I was on the Nuvaring for over ten years. Prior to Mira, I tried vitamins and different fertility tests to try to conceive but the conflicting information left me frustrated. Using Mira helped me figure out my cycles after ten years and when I was fertile. In just three months I was able to conceive after using Mira. – Anonymous, 35 years old.

  • Save money and time: With the Mira Fertility system, there’s no need to test daily or to use multiple sticks to find your peak. Our Mira App allows you to skip manual charting and to save all your results effortlessly.  Our system is made to fit your unique situation.

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