How to Make a Baby At Home Through Intracervical Insemination

by Dec 9, 2020

Home insemination is on the rise as many solo parents and couples look for affordable and effective options on their path to parenthood. But how exactly does one inseminate at home? One option is to use a home insemination kit, like the Mosie Kit, which features the Mosie syringe for insemination.

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In this article we’ll share how to do a form of artificial insemination at home known as intracervical insemination (ICI), what you’ll need regardless of what kit you use, and how you can use it in conjunction with the Mira Fertility Tracker to confirm you’re timing it right. 

To start, if you’re unsure if you’re a good candidate for home insemination, be sure to check in with your doctor first. In order to inseminate on your own at home you’ll need to be able to confirm when you’re ovulating – so if you do not get your period or do not ovulate, this method would not be a good option for you.

You’ll also need to have a healthy sperm specimen. If your partner has azoospermia (no sperm in his semen) please be sure to work with your doctor as a home insemination kit would not be helpful for you.

So what do you need to inseminate at home through ICI?

  1. A way to confirm ovulation
  2. A healthy sperm specimen
  3. Sperm collection cup
  4. A needless syringe
  5. A bed or comfortable location
  6. And about 30 minutes

Before inseminating you want to be sure you understand your body and know your optimal time for insemination. To do this you’ll need to find a way to track your cervical changes, cervix, and confirm ovulation is approaching by measuring your Luteinizing Hormone, known as LH. One way to measure LH is by using ovulation predictor kits or helpful tools like the Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker. This product helps take the guesswork out of reading ovulation predictor tests by giving you precise measurements through the Mira App. After measuring your LH through a urine sample with a Mira Fertility Test wand, you use the Mira Analyzer to read the results. It syncs with the Mira App to confirm the best days for you to inseminate. Tools like this help give you confidence that you are trying to conceive on your most fertile days, helping to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You can learn more and purchase a Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker here.

Sperm Source

Sperm can be obtained from your partner, from a sperm bank or from a known sperm donor – the key thing to keep in mind is that the sperm is healthy. If you’re not sure about your known donor sperm, consider finding a test online to confirm the sperm count and to screen for STDs. They’re easy to use at home, and will give you peace of mind before trying to conceive.

Collection Cup Selection

As for the collection cup, size is important. Something too small will make collecting the sample challenging for the donor. Something too large will make the transfer into the syringe more difficult than it needs to be.

Ideally you want something that has a fairly wide opening, making it an easy target for the donor, but that is also not too deep to ensure absorption into the syringe goes smoothly.

Syringe Selection

Like the semen collection cup, size also matters when selecting a syringe. Anything too large may result in an awkward experience and due to the longer barrel may retain a significant amount of your sample, reducing your odds for success. Something around 5cc’s is a good option.

The Mosie syringe is special as it was designed for insemination and your body. The length is optimal for most bodies and it’s easy to use by oneself or with a partner. It has a slit opening and unlike other syringes, it doesn’t trap sperm so you get to utilize the full sample.

Mosie Kit

The Insemination Process

To keep things simple and minimize room for error it’s best to do the transfer to the syringe in the same place the transfer to the vagina will take place.

Here is a rundown on how to inseminate at home in seven easy steps.

  • Confirm with your Mira Fertility and Ovulation Tracker or an ovulation kit that today’s a good day to inseminate!
  • Prep your insemination spot. Double check you have all your materials ready or your Mosie Kit ready.
  • Collect your sperm from your partner or donor.
  • Before transferring the sample to the syringe, pull the plunger of the empty syringe all the way up and push it fully back down to remove air. It also helps to get comfortable with the syringe. Push it back and forth a few times and think through how you’ll do it when it’s time to inseminate.
  • Transfer the sperm to your syringe. Submerge the tip of the syringe directly into the specimen. Keeping the tip submerged and begin pulling back on the syringe. As best you can, pull slowly up until the full semen sample is into the syringe.
  • Check for air bubbles. When the full sample is transferred, hold the syringe so that the tip of the syringe is pointing up towards the sky. Are there any tiny bubbles in there? Sometimes they are unavoidable. Do your best to remove them by flicking the tip of the syringe with your other hand to eliminate the bubbles until the sample is as close to the tip as possible. You may need to push up a tiny bit on the syringe to push any bubbles out. It’s ok – you’ve got this!
  • Time to get horizontal and inseminate! Prop your butt and hips up on some pillows and get comfortable. Then insert the syringe into your vagina just like a tampon, up to the handles on the end. Then fully push the plunger to release the sample. Gently remove the syringe and continue to lay down for about 15 minutes. Now is a good time to listen to your favorite podcast, album, or take a nap!

So there you have it folks, that’s how easy it is to inseminate at home and to make a baby on your own terms. Wishing you the best on your journey and if we can help support you in any way, please do reach out. For more info on the Mosie Kit or Mosie Baby products visit

Written by Maureen Brown

Maureen BrownMaureen Brown is the co-creator of the Mosie insemination syringe, which is the first and only syringe designed for home insemination. For more info on the Mosie syringe and helpful tips for those trying to conceive, follow Mosie Baby on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, or Youtube.

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