“I like that with Mira I am able to have values for my LH”

by Sep 30, 2020

Who better than our own customers to tell you about Mira Fertility Tracker? In this article we share reviews from three women whom Mira helped get pregnant. Read more to find out what challenges they faced trying to conceive prior to purchasing Mira and how our fertility analyzer became a game-changer for them.

Domnique N

Q1: What challenges have you experienced on the way trying to get pregnant without Mira?

●      Amanda C, 28 years old:

“I started experiencing irregular cycles when my husband and I were about to start trying for a family. My cycles were lasting around 65-75 days making it difficult to pinpoint ovulation. I had tried other means to track my cycle such as OPKs and other cycle monitoring devices with no success. My GYN and I had started testing believing I may be suffering from PCOS when I saw an ad for Mira. Other OPKs were not sensitive enough to detect my LH surge where Mira did. I am so pleased to have found this product and wonderful community!”

●      Alex B, 28 years old:

“Not knowing what’s going on, not knowing if I was ovulating.”

●      Domnique N, 38 years old:

“Difficulty conceiving and miscarriages.”

For many women who are trying to conceive the most frustrating part is getting the timing right. With Mira you won’t miss another LH peak. Our system is made to fit your unique cycles. The Mira app uses AI algorithms to learn your hormone patterns and give you an accurate ovulation prediction instead of using a one size fit all calculation for every woman.

Pregnancy test Amanda

Q2: How does or did Mira help you?

●      Amanda C, 28 years old:

“I believe timing is everything. I was meant to find Mira after other products never detected a LH surge. Within a week of receiving the product Mira detected an LH surge. At first I was in disbelief, but 2 weeks later I had my first positive pregnancy test!”

●      Alex B, 28 years old:

“Mira told me that I was actually ovulating even with irregular periods and I was able to get pregnant on the first cycle.”

●      Domnique N, 38 years old:

“Accurately identify ovulation date.”

Mira Fertility Tracker can be extremely useful for people with irregular cycles. Mira can help to see when ovulation happens without giving false-positive prior to ovulation that often happens with OPKs. For users with PCOS who have multiple LH peaks, Mira is able to show the whole pattern of peaks instead of identifying just one, the way OPKs do. Most of our customers are able to get pregnant on the first or second cycle of using Mira.

Pregnancy test Alex

Q3: What do you like about Mira?

●      Amanda C, 28 years old:

“How easy Mira is to use. It is a fool proof product that gave me personal hormone concentrations not just lines or smiley faces, actual data!”

●      Alex B, 28 years old:

“Easy to use, most advanced technology, it works even with people with irregular periods. Unlike the bracelet that is $300 and only works on regular women who don’t need a fertility tracker.”

●      Domnique N, 38 years old:

“Being able to have values for my LH.”

Pregnancy test Domnique

Many of our customers are saying that Mira is very straightforward and easy to use. Our app allows you to skip manual charting and provides your specific hormone concentration levels, instead of a smiley face or dark line that still leaves you with more questions than answers.

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