“Mira is the Best Product on the Market Right Now with Assisting Women to Get Pregnant Naturally”

by Jul 21, 2021

31-year-old Jennifer and her partner had been trying for 10 months to get pregnant. But to say that her trying to conceive journey was filled with challenges is an understatement. Read on to learn more about the difficulties that the couple faced as well as how a supportive environment, along with Mira, aided the couple on their trying to conceive journey.

Success Story

Discovering Mira

Jennifer and her partner were discussing about trying to get pregnant when they learned about ovulation and how tracking ovulation would be helpful on their trying to conceive journey. Jennifer immediately started looking for suitable products and chanced upon Mira’s website on her search. The positive reviews and stories that flowered Mira’s website convinced her and she placed her order without hesitation.

Multiple losses

When Jennifer received her Mira package, she followed the instructions religiously and used it regularly. Soon enough, after just a couple of months, the couple found out that they were pregnant in May 2020. The happiness and excitement, however, were short-lived because they ended up having a chemical pregnancy—a very early miscarriage that occurs when an egg is fertilized but doesn’t fully implant in the uterus—just a couple of weeks later.

The couple tried to remain positive through their first miscarriage. In fact, they immediately started trying while at the same time tracking ovulation with Mira again. Almost immediately, the couple got pregnant on Jennifer’s next cycle. But once again, the couple was faced with bad news. This time, Jennifer made it to eight weeks and her first ultrasound. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and a missed miscarriage. She even had to have surgery done two months later. Devastated, the couple took a few months off trying so that her cycle could get back to normal.

Seeking help and alternatives

In addition to Mira’s products, Jennifer explored her options so that she could maximize her chances of getting pregnant again. She had heard about using ovulation test strips to help her track and detect when she was ovulating. She expected that the test strips would work alongside Mira’s products to tell her when she would most likely conceive so that her and her partner could try for a baby. Unfortunately, the traditional test kits provided inaccurate information that left her discouraged. Moreover, she felt that these kits were a pain to use.

“I hated them. I actually ended up throwing a bunch away and giving some to a friend. They would always be incorrect and always give me an error message when using. I think I only used them for one cycle before just committing back to a Mira-only routine.”

Along the way, Jennifer and her partner also saw a fertility coach because they were afraid that they were going to have to go through more miscarriages if they did not seek help. The couple wanted to discuss options with a doctor. The couple was one month in with working with their fertility coach when they got pregnant naturally!

Mira’s simplicity and effectiveness

Jennifer loved that Mira was easy to use and left no room for misinterpretation. Mira provided actual numbers and detailed information that were easy to understand. It even provided her with a lot of information about her health that she never knew existed.

“It was so simple to use. Once I started tracking my ovulation and cycle and had my Mira app logged it just notified me when it got closer and when to test. I honestly don’t think I would have gotten pregnant without the help of Mira.

I always try to prepare ahead of time so I can make sure I have enough wands available but that is the feature that I like the most because it takes the guess work out of everything. I just loved it and will 100% use it if we decide we are going to have another baby in the future.”

Jennifer also loved that Mira is a brand that constantly innovates. With new products and updates, she is excited to be able to utilize all of the products simultaneously when trying to get pregnant in the future.

The importance of support

Throughout the couple’s entire trying to conceive journey, their family and friends were extremely supportive. Jennifer also found support in Mira’s support groups as well as other support groups on Facebook. She took comfort in knowing that there were other couples who had experienced the same types of losses and felt less alone. She also wanted to let others know of the importance of staying positive and calm.

“When you are growing up imagining starting a family you never really know what goes into it. I never knew I had to track ovulation and that there were only certain times in a cycle you could get pregnant. I literally had no idea until we started doing research when my husband and I decided we were ready to try. There is a lot that goes into getting pregnant and having support around you is the best medicine.”

Thrilled to have found Mira on her pregnancy journey, Jennifer told everyone she knew about Mira, in hopes that she could provide them with the support that she received.

“Like I have said numerous times—Mira is the best product on the market right now with assisting women to get pregnant naturally. I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy and I don’t think I could have done this without the help of Mira”

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