“Mira—and Mira Alone Helped Me on My Trying to Conceive Journey”

by Aug 5, 2021

Juliet M was a first-year student in law school when her and her partner had decided to try for a baby. However, the stress of school complicated this process. Read on to learn more about how Juliet’s determination, along with Mira, helped her on her trying to conceive journey.  

Uncertain and undecided

To begin with, Juliet M and her partner had not been trying to get pregnant before May of 2021. As Juliet M had just begun her first year in law school, she did not want to risk being sleepy or sick in her first trimester—which happened to coincide with the final exams in school. 

To avoid getting pregnant, Juliet M and her partner made sure to use protection each time they had sex. However, at around the same time, Juliet M noticed that she had been getting her period twice a month for several months coming. She felt that something was wrong with her and was afraid that this irregularity of her period would throw her off and affect her chances of getting pregnant when the couple eventually decides to try for a baby. 

She searched online and found that frequent periods could be due to stress. But Juliet M was worried that it could be something more. 

Visiting an Obstetrician-Gynaecologist (OBGYN)

To put their mind at ease, the couple sought professional help from the OBGYN. Juliet M shared her concerns with the doctor who ran a few tests on her. After several blood tests and an ultrasound of her ovaries, Juliet M was told that she had a condition dubbed Textbook Ovaries. Juliet M was told to relax because the stress from school was the likely cause of her frequent periods.  

Additionally, Juliet M’s OBGYN told her to try and track her ovulation with an ovulation kit to see if she was ovulating. Her OBGYN advised her to try and relax so that she could focus on getting her body to ovulate instead of getting a period.

Experimenting with fertility products

Following the recommendations from her OBGYN, Juliet M began researching on ovulation kits. She started using a regular ovulation test strip to help her track and detect when she was ovulating. She had expected that the test strips would tell her when she would most likely conceive so that her and her partner could try for a baby. Unfortunately, the traditional test kits provided inaccurate information that left her discouraged—Juliet M almost never got a positive result.

Juliet M continued looking for a suitable ovulation test kit. On one of her searches, she searched up “best ovulation kit” on Google and chanced upon Mira’s website. Juliet M spent some time on Mira’s website and learned that anyone who has abnormal periods also has unpredictable ovulation cycles. She realized the importance of finding something that could pick up on her unique body. Impressed by the reviews she saw, she decided to give Mira a shot. 

Juliet’s Mira experience

Juliet M continued to use the traditional ovulation test kits in conjunction with Mira and this made her appreciate Mira even more. For one, the Mira Fertility Tracker predicted ovulation period much earlier than all of the other apps that she was using. 

With the information accorded by Mira’s products, the couple had sex pretty much every single day for the first few weeks of May, well ahead of the other apps’ predicted ovulation period. Juliet M continued to use her Mira device every day and it gave her information about the “highest chance day”. The couple took advantage of that day as well. 

Like many others, Juliet M loved that Mira provided actual numbers and detailed information that were easy to understand. Particularly, she like that that Mira is connected to the phone and gives her an accurate countdown for how much longer her test is going to take before she gets her results. Mira’s products told her exactly what was going on and left no room for misinterpretation. The Mira Fertility system took all the guesswork—and stress—out of tracking her period and allowed her to get a better understanding of her fertility and health.

Life after Mira

With Mira, Juliet M. was able to identify and pinpoint when she was ovulating. Mira—and Mira alone—had suggested that she’d be ovulating during a specific day, and Juliet M is sure that it was with this information that she found herself pregnant in just a month’s time. 

Pleased with her experience with Mira, Juliet M. now sings praises for Mira’s products to all of her friends who struggle to get pregnant. 

“I became pregnant and I know it was because we had sex during the period that Mira and Mira alone suggested I would be ovulating. I think the proof is in the pudding with the positive results you read about online.”

For those out there who are trying…

When Juliet M was feeling low and unmotivated, Mira’s blog provided her with notes of positivity and happiness. She loved reading about the experiences of other couples and learned how every person’s body is unique. Juliet M wanted to end of her review with an advice that she wished someone else had shared with her. 

“I read about stress and how it negatively impacts your chances of becoming pregnant. So, to those out there who are trying, I would urge you to try not to stress out and trust the Mira device’s ovulation prediction period over your other applications’ predictions because Mira is using several factors to determine it for you. Track your periods and input that data into Mira (even the information from before you had your Mira device) because it uses that information too.” 

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