Sex and TTC: 9 of the Best Positions to Get Pregnant Successfully

by Jul 7, 2021

From personal anecdotes to old wives’ tales, we’ve all heard the stories, the myths, and the (oftentimes unsolicited and embarrassing) recommendations from friends and family about the best position to get pregnant.

Sex positions

If you and your partner are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the information out there – look no further.

Here’s a brief look at how the right position might make conceiving easier, the types of positions you should be trying with your partner, and additional suggestions for what you can do to further increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Does the right position make conceiving easier?

In short, not necessarily. You might even be surprised to learn that there is actually no concrete research that establishes one specific position as the “best” one for getting pregnant.

Despite this, many women’s health professionals believe that both gravity and depth can play a role. That’s why the most commonly recommended positions are those that allow for ‘deep penetration’, which can help to give the ejaculated sperm easier access to the cervix.

However, there isn’t necessarily a “right” or “wrong” position for all couples. What works for you might be completely different from someone else – and that’s okay!

With that being said, if you’re a couple and you’re trying to conceive, the simple answer to the question “what is the best sex position for pregnancy?” is: do what works the best for you.

Instead of getting stressed out about whether or not you are “doing it” right, it’s best to just go with the position (or positions) that you:

  1. Enjoy the most
  2. Make you feel relaxed, comfortable, and confident
  3. Can continue doing with your partner consistently.

If you are having sex in positions that meet the above criteria for you and your partner, you are o the right track and should be well on your way to a big fat positive!

What is the best position to get pregnant?

With gravity and depth in mind, here are some of the best positions to put to the test when you’re trying to conceive.


Missionary is one of the most highly recommended positions for couples trying to get pregnant. This is because of its simplicity and ability to allow for deep penetration of the penis – giving the sperm a head start on its journey through the cervix and on to the uterus.

Doggy style

Another great position for those trying to conceive is doggy style. Similar to missionary, this position enables your partner to penetrate deeply and ejaculate close to the cervix.

Reverse cowgirl

If you are a woman with a tipped uterus, you might want to give reverse cowgirl a try – especially if you find positions like doggy style to be painful. Reverse cowgirl not only allows for deep penetration, but it might make you feel more comfortable and in control.

Legs on shoulders

Legs on shoulders is a variation on missionary where instead of keeping her legs on the bed, the woman places them on her partner’s shoulders. If you’re a fan of missionary but looking for a way to spice things up, give this position a try!


The wheelbarrow position is one for the more athletic and adventurous couples out there! Even though it might feel a bit complicated at first, this position allows for deep penetration and is perfect for couples thirsty for a challenge.

Rear entry

Any type of rear entry position is worth experimenting with if you are trying for a pregnancy. These positions are not only great for g-spot stimulation, but one study found that a rear entry position may allow the man to penetrate more deeply into the vagina when compared to missionary-style positions.

Side-by-side scissors

The side-by-side scissors position is an intimate and relaxed option for couples looking to branch out from missionary. Like other positions mentioned, the side-by-side scissors position is good for penetrating close to the cervix.

Edge of the bed position

The edge of the bed position is a variation of missionary where the woman lays on the edge of the bed with her partner standing between her legs. What makes this position so great for couples trying to conceive is the fact that it gives the man plenty of stability to thrust deeply and with control.

Right angle sex position

The right angle sex position is a more advanced variation of the legs on shoulder position, where instead of penetrating while on his knees, the man sits with his legs on either side of the woman. This is a great position for couples who like missionary but are wanting to try something new.

Other things you can do to increase your odds

In addition to consistently having sex with your partner in positions that you enjoy, you can also try the below tips to increase your odds of getting pregnant:

  1. Have sex at the right time during your cycle. Making sure that you’re having sex around the time of ovulation is paramount to increasing your odds of getting pregnant. For most women, ovulation typically happens 10-16 days before the first day of their period. If you’d like to begin tracking your ovulation patterns, there are a number of methods out there that you can try. The most common include the calendar method, basal body temperature (BBT) method, and the cervical mucus method.
  2. Use a fertility-friendly lubricant. Did you know that the type of lubricant used during intercourse might affect sperm mobility and make it more difficult for sperm to reach the uterus? One study recommends staying away from sesame oil and synthetic lubricants, as they were found to be harmful to fertility. Instead, opt for lubricants made from pre-seed, canola, mustard, and baby oils as these were shown to have no impact on sperm mobility.
  3. Relax after sex and wait half an hour. You may have heard the old wives’ tale about the importance of laying down after sex with your “legs in the air” to help the sperm get where it needs to go. While this is not scientifically proven to be much help in getting pregnant, some doctors do recommend staying in bed for half an hour after sex to ensure that the sperm has plenty of time to reach the cervix. Some experts even recommend placing a pillow beneath your hips during this time to support the pelvis. This bonus time also allows you to further bond and relax with your partner after intercourse – a win-win!
  4. Make necessary lifestyle changes. Your lifestyle choices can make a massive difference in your fertility and ability to get pregnant efficiently. If you and your partner are wanting to get pregnant, it’s a good idea to take stock of your diet, exercise habits, and stress levels to ensure your body is a healthy place for a baby to develop. Now is also a good time to try to quit smoking, limit your alcohol intake, and open up to your OBGYN about any drugs or prescription medications you might be on.

✔️ Medically Reviewed by Katerina Shkodzik, M.D., OB-GYN

Dr. Katerina Shkodzik is a certified OB-GYN with a special focus on reproductive endocrinology and infertility issues. She has been practising since 2015.

Dr. Shkodzik completed her residency program in the Department of OB/GYN at the Belarusian State Medical University and fellowship program in the Department of Gynecological Surgery at the Medical University of Bialystok, Poland.

Dr. Shkodzik is extensively involved in digital health projects providing her medical expertise and integrating of cutting edge technologies in medical science and clinical practice since 2018.

Dr. Shkodzik has participated in several studies focused on PCOS, endometriosis, menstrual cycle characteristics and their abnormalities based on big data of digital health in collaboration with leading universities.

She believes that paying special attention to women's health is a crucial step to improving the world we live in.

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