“Will Definitely Be Using Mira on Our Next Conception Adventure!”

by Dec 30, 2020


My husband and I have always wanted to become parents, so we were totally devastated after experiencing a miscarriage after 11 wks of pregnancy in 2019. After my miscarriage, my periods were extremely irregular/unpredictable and we struggled to conceive until I found the Mira. The month I conceived I thought I was anovulatory since my readings went from low to dropping off entirely when I was supposed to be ovulating. A week went by with readings of zero, but I figured I’d test once more before calling it quits that month, and I’m glad I did! That Friday I received a high/peak LH reading!

Kimberly - Mira Success 2

After 5 months of negative tests, sadness, frustration, and two months of using Mira, we conceived in Jan of this year. We found out I was pregnant 4 days before my expected period and confirmed the pregnancy with my OB using a blood work panel a few days later as well as an ultrasound a week later.

Kimberly - Mira Success 3

Needless to say these moments were equally exciting and terrifying, but our little one was there and we were on our way to becoming parents! Hearing her heartbeat, seeing her on ultrasounds, and feeling her movements were so mesmerizing and comforting during pregnancy. They are moments and feelings my husband and I are so grateful for and will never forget.

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After 41 weeks of pregnancy during a life-changing pandemic, our #MIRAcle was born on October 10th. Our daughter, Charlotte, is such a blessing to us and we are enjoying every moment with her! Thank you so much Mira for making this possible. My husband and I are so incredibly thankful. We are planning on starting to try for baby number two in 2021, and will definitely be using Mira on our next conception adventure!

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