Why You Should Track Your Ovulation with Mira Fertility Plus

by Nov 11, 2020

Whether you’ve recently started trying to conceive, have been trying for a while without success, have recently suffered a miscarriage, or are simply trying to avoid pregnancy, you may have used ovulation tracking methods at some point to help you target the most fertile window in your cycle — and know when to have sex, or not.

Mira Plus Wands

Luckily, there are a wide array of methods that allow you to tap into your ovulation patterns, learn more about your menstrual cycle, and help you navigate your fertility journey. These include OPKs, ovulation tracking bracelets, temperature tracking, ultrasound, lab tests, and others.

However, throughout this article, we’re going to explore the revolutionary Mira Fertility Plus, a powerful fertility tracking system that has helped more than 20,000 women around the globe achieve their fertility goals. We’re going to walk you through the new update, and how it acts as a lighthouse throughout your fertility journey. Let’s dive in!

What is Mira Fertility Plus and How Does it Help?

Mira Fertility Plus Kit

Let’s start with the basics: Mira Fertility Plus is a game-changer. It is the first-ever at-home monitoring system that tracks both the Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Estrogen levels in women.

But what makes it so different from the rest of the methods on the market? Well, for starters, while OPKs only track the Luteinizing hormone (LH), Mira now provides numerical LH + Estrogen readings and allows you to quickly identify and understand your full fertile window and ovulation cycles. It surely takes the guesswork out of fertility for good.

Plus, the combination of these hormone readings is closely related to IVF, menopause, as well as hormone imbalances like PCOS, and other conditions. So, not only can you achieve your fertility goals, you also tap into valuable health information about your body.

How Mira Fertility Works

Three Key Benefits of Mira Fertility Plus

1. It tests both LH and Estrogen

Visiting your doctor every time you need to get your LH and Estrogen readings can be time consuming and expensive. Mira Fertility Plus helps you track, understand, and act on your personal health data to make highly accurate health decisions. With its revolutionary AI-powered readings, it learns about your cycle and increases your odds to conceive, and helps you avoid pregnancy.

2. Shows your Fertile Window up to 6 Days

Ovulation lasts for 12 to 48 hours, but you are potentially fertile for up to 6-7 days. If you’re trying to conceive, you may have tracked ovulation with methods like an ultrasound or blood work, right? The problem is, you know when ovulation happens, but this doesn’t help you have sex on the right day—Mira does.

Hormone Level Chart

Hormone Level and Basal Body Temperature Chart correlated with ovulation and the fertile window

With Mira Fertility Plus, you gain a detailed overview of your entire cycle—a larger fertile window (6 days), so you and your partner can make the absolute best of your fertile window depending on your goals.

3. Helps you with Natural Family Planning

In simple terms, NFP (natural family planning) is a method used by couples and women. It consists of tracking natural signs in your cycle, symptoms, and hormones to monitor your fertility. This process allows you to achieve your fertility goals (TTC or TTA) by knowing exactly when your fertile or infertile days are. This way, you can try to conceive or try to avoid a pregnancy.

Mira Fertility Plus is an at-home, non-invasive solution which helps you naturally track your ovulation to make informed decisions.

What separates Mira from other Ovulation Trackers?

Mira is the first-ever personalized, at-home, lab-quality hormone tracking system. And unlike other ovulation tracking methods, it was created to adapt to everyone’s unique fertility journey— leaving no one behind. So, whether you have irregular periods, PCOS, or other hormonal imbalances, Mira learns about your cycle and tracks your numeric hormone levels.

Here are a few other key differences about how Mira can help you:

1. Full Fertile Window Tracking

With Mira, making informed decisions is possible. With full fertile window tracking, you are able to pinpoint ovulation and achieve your fertility goals in a simple, clear-cut way.

2. Numeric Value of Your Hormone Concentrations

Unlike OPKs, Mira reveals actual numeric hormone scores. With this information on hand, you won’t feel “in the dark” anymore. You’re able to constantly compare readings, make informed decisions, and gain access to your information within the App. With its proprietary algorithm, Mira will predict your ovulation over time and help you pinpoint your full fertile window.

3. Lab-Grade Accuracy

Mira uses lab-quality, numeric hormone testing to help you gain clarity around your body and health—without having to leave your home. Mira has quickly become a one-stop solution for a complete overview of your reproductive cycle.

4. FDA/CE Registered

Mira is the first FDA and CE registered numeric estrogen and luteinizing hormone test.

5. AI-powered Cycle Analysis

AI is a tool programmed to mimic how humans came up with their decisions. With Mira Fertility Plus, you get an AI-powered smart tracker and app, which work to quickly learn about your cycle and make accurate predictions about your ovulation days and fertile window.

6. Irregular Cycle and PCOS friendly

If you have irregular cycles, PCOS, or any other hormonal imbalance, our smart AI technology makes it easy for you to pinpoint ovulation. Mira was created knowing that every woman in the world is unique, therefore, we created a product that caters to every type of cycle.

7. Future Expandability

We have great plans for the future. We believe that at-home health tracking systems are changing the way people make health decisions. We plan to expand and track other fertility hormones, and even allergies, and influenza as well. We also plan on tracking miscarriage, fetal health, and ovarian reserve.

Why Mira

How Mira Supports your IVF Journey

If you’re on an IVF journey or planning on IVF, you can find extra science-backed support and information to get the timing just right. This way, you won’t have to waste valuable time making appointments with doctors. With Mira, you get a highly-accurate, cost-effective, and convenient approach to your IVF journey.

How to Test with Mira

Performing a Mira Test is easy. Depending on the length of your cycle, you may need to test every day or every 2-3 days after your period. Most women will ovulate between 2 and 19 days before their next period.

You can run a test during any time of the day, however, you should choose a specific time every day to be consistent. Also it is important to limit fluid intake for 2 hours before the test, which is why many prefer using their first morning urine. The Mira App will dynamically calculate when you need to test and will remind you about your testing days. When ready to test, follow these simple steps:

How to Test with Mira

Check out more about How to Test with Mira Fertility.

How to Purchase Mira with HSA/FSA

Great news! You can purchase Mira with HSA/FSA. Simply purchase from our website with your HSA/FSA debit card or purchase using a regular payment method and submit for reimbursement later from your HSA/FSA account.

The Future of Fertility Tracking is Here

Mira is here to take the guesswork out of fertility tracking. We are excited to be the first-ever fertility tracking system to make dreams come true and make it easier for women to make informed decisions throughout every stage of their fertile life.

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