“Every Woman Should Have This Device in Their Home”

by Apr 22, 2021

I have PCOS and for 5 years I struggled with infertility. And then in November of 2018 I had our miracle baby, my daughter that is now two. When my husband and I decided we wanted to try for our last I knew there had to be a better way.

Success Story Lindsey

I did research, but every thing I found was difficult to understand, took a lot of guess work, wasn’t good for those with PCOS, required a normal cycle or required me to buy into science that was 100% confirmed.

Until I found Mira. I got my starter kit on January 26 (in the middle of my cycle) and started to track right away. I used it for two cycles and on March 29, 2021 I got a BFP.

Lindsey Chart BFP

I am blown away how much power you have from knowledge, and Mira gave me all the knowledge I needed.

I have passed my analyzer to a friend that has not been able to get pregnant. Every woman should have this device in their home.

Mira Fertility can empower you on your journey to conceiving

Mira is the first-ever personalized, at-home, lab-quality hormone tracking system. Unlike other ovulation tracking methods, it was created to adapt to everyone’s unique fertility journey — leaving no one behind. So, whether you have irregular periods, PCOS, or other hormonal imbalances, Mira tracks your numeric hormone levels and helps you pinpoint your full fertile window up to 6 days.

Learn more about why you should track your cycles with Mira Fertility Plus here.

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Track your whole cycle and what is happening with your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and clear insights. Let Mira take the guesswork out of tracking all fertile days and infertile days.